Tuesday, February 23, 2016

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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

2015 WNS results are in!

Well, this is what everyone was waiting for, the 2015 WNS results. 

Check out your point status now!

Series 1 (Crankmasters)
Series 2 (Speed Theory)
Series 3 (Peloton)

And the Series totals.

If you are listed in first, second or third, you win cash!  Check in February 2016 when we'll announce the date and location of our WNS banquet.  We may even hold a Last Chance Qualifier!

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Priddis Team Road Race - Results!

What a great night for racing - sunny, warm, mild wind and post race beers.  You can't ask for much more than that!

I quick shout out to say thanks to our volunteers.  It's because of them we can get the races done safely and without incident.  Darcy, Cody, Peter and Stephanie - thanks a lot guys!  It is much appreciated.

The race was sensational and the results incredibly close.  While we all won in some sort of way just for being out there, we can have only one winning team.  Sooo....

Congratulations to the pink team of Jason, Karel, Pat, Dawn, Jean, Rob.  Well done guys!  With 3 riders in the lead group and their other 3 riders all together they capitalized on bonus points.

Team Standings

Placing Name Points
1 Pink 48
2 White 49
3 Green 50
4 Yellow 51

Team Point Calc's:

Pink Points
Jason Dyck Independent Pink 4
Karel Bergmann Peloton Racing Pink 5
Pat Donnelly Highwood Pink 6
Dawn Heinemeyer Crankmasters Pink 18
Jean Garez Speed Theory Pink 19
Rob Crooks Speed Theory Pink n/a
Bonus Points -4
Total  48

White Points
Tim Gilbertson Speed Theory White 2
Wyatt Petryshen Speed Theory White 7
Andres Perdomo Speed Theory White 11
Graham Diehl Independent White 12
Ron Fiell Crankmasters White 21
Brad Barron Crankmasters White n/a
Bonus Points -4
Total 49

Green Points
Dale Hildebrand bicisport Green 1
Brent Thumlert Speed Theory Green 9
Alan Oickle Speed Theory Green 10
Dan Alboiu Speed Theory Green 16
Ken Erdman Speed Theory Green 17
Willy Vansevenant Highwood Green n/a
Bonus Points -3
Total 50

Yellow Points
Reinier Paauwe Peloton Racing Yellow 3
Dylan Hughes Crankmasters Yellow 8
Jeremy Kitson Cyclemeisters Yellow 13
Stewart Black Crankmasters Yellow 14
Glen Miles Crankmasters Yellow 15
Bonus Points -2
Total 51

Individual Standings w/ WNS point totals

Placing Name Club Category Team Points
1 Dale Hildebrand bicisport B Green 10
2 Tim Gilbertson Speed Theory B White 12
3 Reinier Paauwe Peloton Racing A Yellow 9
4 Jason Dyck Independent B Pink 15
5 Karel Bergmann Peloton Racing A Pink 15
6 Pat Donnelly Highwood B Pink 15
7 Wyatt Petryshen Speed Theory A White 12
8 Dylan Hughes Crankmasters B Yellow 9
9 Brent Thumlert Speed Theory A Green 15
10 Alan Oickle Speed Theory B Green 10
11 Andres Perdomo Speed Theory B White 12
12 Graham Diehl Independent A White 12
13 Jeremy Kitson Cyclemeisters B Yellow 9
14 Stewart Black Crankmasters B Yellow 9
15 Glen Miles Crankmasters B Yellow 9
16 Dan Alboiu Speed Theory B Green 10
17 Ken Erdman Speed Theory C Green 10
18 Dawn Heinemeyer Crankmasters W Pink 20
19 Jean Garez Speed Theory C Pink 15
20 Rob Crooks Speed Theory C Pink 15
21 Ron Fiell Crankmasters C White 12
22 Brad Barron Crankmasters C White 12
23 Willy Vansevenant Highwood C Green 10
- Darcy Gullacher Speed Theory 5
- Cody Godlonton Peloton Racing 5

On behalf of Peloton Racing, thanks for coming out for our races.  Our goal was to bring some fresh races with plenty of variety for the 5 weeks we hosted.  If you have any comments good or bad on this race or our series as a whole it would welcomed.

Stayed tuned for overall series 3 standings in the next day or so along with overall WNS standings for the year.  Thanks again everybody!

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Priddis Team Road Race - Final 2015 WNS of the season!

First the important stuff - post race they'll be a WNS end of season gathering at Dixons Pub House. Everyone is welcome to come celebrate a great season of racing.

Dixons Pub House
15425 Bannister Rd SE
Calgary‎ AB‎ T2X 3E9

For our last week we're going back to our attempted week 3 race - the Team Road Race. Teams will be created after sign-on and will be organized based on overall WNS standings. The race organizer may make team roster adjustments at his discretion as well. Please try and sign in by 6:30 to allow time to setup the teams.

The race will be a mass start with all teams starting at 6:45. Points will be awarded based on your finishing place, ie: 1st place = 1 point, 10th place = 10 points, etc. The team with the least amount of points will win. There will be bonus point deductions for teammates that finish together. ie - 2 teammates = 1 point deduction, 4 teammates = 3 point deduction.  Finishing together means no more than a couple seconds gap between teammates at the finish line.  The intent of the deductions is to encourage the teams to work and ride together.

Parking is in Priddis by the start/finish line.
Sign-on opens at 6:00
Race starts at 6:45

Strava Route here.

If you can volunteer for the race it would be appreciated. Please leave a comment if you can.

Saturday, August 15, 2015

WNS Super Crit - Results!

Super Crit Results

The Super Crit was another great success. Though few will question whether it’s actually a crit at 2 km’s long, the 4 corners and fast pace certainly fits the bill, along with the Primes! Thanks to all those who showed up to suffer and sprint it out in the last crit of the season! Huge thanks again to all the corner marshals and volunteers. Andrew, Jack, Jeff, Cody, Peter, and Erik. Kudos! Also, big thanks to Campione and Crankmasters for their support with some goodies for the Primes! Again, any comments are always welcome and appreciated! Also, any typos in the results, or anything you disagree with let us know!

We have a few copies of videos of the sprint finishes too if you’re interested...

Commissaire: Peter Heinemeyer

Category A

Callum Galbraith C4 1 Prime 15
Wyatt Petryshen STC 2
Karel Bergmann Peloton 3
Brent Thumlert STC 4

Category B

Harley Borlee STC 1
Jason Dyck Independent 2 Prime 12
Suchaet Bhardwaj STC 3
Dale Hildebrand Bicisport 4
Andrew Platten C4 5
Pat Donnelly Highwood 6
Julian Hughes C4 7
Dan Boilka Crankmasters 8
Dan Albiou STC 9
Andrew McRae Terrascape 10
Oisin O'keve Independent 11
Andres Perdomo STC 12

Category C

Ken Crockett STC 1 Prime 15
Ken Erdman STC 2
Rob Crooks STC 3
Keith Ingstrup STC 4
Willy VanSevenant Highwood 5
Tean Garez STC 6
Brad Barron C4 7
Garry Good STC 8


Dawn Heinemeyer C4 1 Prime 20
Jenn Turcott STC 2
Ania Bergmann Peloton 3

Monday, August 10, 2015

Series 3, Week 4 - Springbank Crit

This week, we will be hosting the final crit of the season, the Springbank Super-Crit. At 2km's in length, it leaves tons of time for attacks to be made and matches to be burned. As mentioned in past iterations of this race, it is a very safe, wide course, with great pavement (the dirty pavement on the 3rd straight is much cleaner this year), huge corners, and grassy run outs. Sure to be a fast crit again this year!

Strava Route here.

We will use the same schedule as last year:

6:30PM - “C Group” Starts. 20min + 1 lap
7:00PM - “B Group” Starts. 30min + 1 lap
7:40PM - “A Group” Starts. 35min + 1 lap

Parking: Plenty of parking around, between the Church, and the schools. The lot at Corner 1 is generally best, just watch out for traffic and riders if entering and exiting mid-race.

Volunteers: If you can volunteer please sign up here. On race day come see Adam Pugh or Erik Loewen at the start line at ~6-6:15pm ish for the details.

Looking forward to some awesome crit racing - the last of the season, not to mention a great prep race/workout before cross season starts!

See you Wednesday!

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Race Cancelled - Priddis Road Race

We're going to have to pull the plug for the race tonight.  The weather is too unpredictable and its not looking good in the Priddis area in the next few hours.  Its better to be safe than sorry.

Next week we're having a Criterium in the west.  Same course as a couple years ago if you did that one.  We might revisit this course in our last week.