Monday, July 27, 2009

The Ultimate Showdown...

....well, it all comes down to this. The Amazing spectacle of amazingness that is the WNS mini-micro stage race. That's right, THREE times the racing in ONE evening. This Wednesday the 29th sharp at roughly 6:30ish we'll go forth and ride. Using our numbers, we'll lay siege to the Priddis Meeting spot at the corner of 22 and 22X.

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Once the fleet is assembled, we'll launch the riders on solo sorties commonly known in the cycling world as a prologue. We'll start right near the meeting spot and cover about 2km up the hill towards Calgary along 22X.

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Following an easy retreat back to the meeting spot we'll launch in our group squadrons onto the Millarville course for a lap of puttin' the hurt on. Time is the essence of this race and of course beating and shaming your nearest rivals.

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Then the deciding race of truth, a 9km individual TT for all the marbles. The TT will start a little south of the RR finish on 22 and run straight north back to the meeting spot and home base.

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After some dutifully applied mathemagics(tm) we'll crown our very own Tour de Millarville Contarmstrongoden. I couldn't fit any Schlecks or Wiggins in there without sounding rude and vaguely pronographic. Results are total time and there are bonus point on the line for finishes in each of the three events. Everything is Merckx again, we don't have time to change bikes around. The weather looks good (furiously knocking on wood here) and we'll need just two or three addtional volunteers although the more the merrier and the better run the event will be. Spectators are highly encourage and keep in mind that we'll only allow a few thousand out for each stage as we like to line the road no more than three deep on each side. Big bonus if you've got a relative or friend that can don a devil costume, chase the riders, and talk backwards.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Identified Speeding Objects seen at Woodland Road

Wheeeee, that was a quick one. No complaints about sonic booms and it was tough to see the riders for their speed induced blurriness but it was an impressive displace of 'making bike go fast now'. Line honours went to Trev Williams but as he was in full aero gear getting ready for the Calgary 70.3 so I had to consult the Slowtwitch brain trust to properly handicap his time. Consensus was that his aeroness saved him 10minutes and 30sec but the beard lost hime 30sec so I added 10minutes to his time giving the win to Alex Shaw. Everyone was quick though and the results speak to how close you riders are, it was really competitive. Anyway, the results....

Huge props to our glorious volunteers for the evening including Phil and Cindy Grant, Scott Gibson-Craig, Mike Harrington, Sandra Braden, Brad Barron, and Brian Beaulieu. It wouldn't have worked without you.

I've updated the standings going into out last week, next Wednesday, which I have preliminarily titled 'The Amazing Race of Awesomeness' for all the marbles. We'll run our micro stage race with a prologue TT, a Road Race, and finally an ITT. All of it at the Priddis Meeting Spot and hopefully we can start real close to 6:30 so that we can fit it all in. Details to come and remember, there are bonus points on the line for this one. I'll need a few volunteers to run it efficiently so bring a friend or come out yourself and be a part of it. I'm really looking forward to it.

Length of last night?

Anyone have an accurate distance for last night? I am just trying to figure out what kind of shape I am in.


Monday, July 20, 2009

Time Trial Redux

Back and bad. The Woodland Merckx TT is back for another bite. This Wednesday at 6:30 at the Woodland Meeting Spot.
The Woodland meeting spot is located at the junction of Woodland road and highway 1A just west of Bearspaw and before Lochend Road. There is a side road there (Twp Rd 255) off of Woodland where we'll set up. Ample parking is available along 255 and on Nagway road just to the east off Bearspaw Road. And of course, you could always ride out to the site from Calgary. Please try and spread the parking out so that everybody isn't all parked at the same spot in order to keep things low key with respect to the local population.

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Merckx, so leave the fancy schmancy stuff at home and suffer old school style. Course is the same as last time.

The course starts just west of Woodland Road and heads west along 1A towards Cochrane. After a few kilometres and just before you start to head down the hill into Cochrane we turn right on to Big Hill Road, around the corner and straight north on Range Road 40. A short time thereafter another right turn onto Twp Road 262 heads you back eastwards towards the finish about a kilometre before you get to Lochend road. It's a short ride back to the start from there.

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Big ask on this one but I need an assistant race organizer for this one as I can get things lined up but I need to leave at 7 so I'll need an amazing volunteer to handle the timing and let me know the results. I will also need 2 more volunteers, one to start the riders and 1 for the corner. Easy jobs all of them, so experience required, just the ability to read a clock, write numbers, and look brilliant doing it. Let me know if you can step up for this. Other than that, I'll see you guys Wednesday.

The standing are updated as well as we head into the last couple of weeks. Next week is the big finale with bonus points on the line for our mini stage race.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Race Report - Millarville Team RR

We had a great night of team racing this Wednesday.

22 riders toed the start line… and 23 ended up finishing. No, we didn’t clone anyone out on the course. More about that later...

The riders were divided into three teams of seven or eight members with the objective of getting four of their teammates across the line first to claim glory. Team Blue was led by Trev’ Williams, Team Green by Darryl Parry and Team Orange by Rick Courtney.

The teams stayed together for most of the first lap, splitting into two groups on the climbs leading back towards Plummer’s Road.

Group One contained 15 riders, five strategically split from each team. Group Two included several experienced riders including Rick Courtney, Willy Van Sevenant and Lachlan Holmes (rider #23, joined late just as the groups split) who set a sizzling pace for their teammates and still managed to hold everyone together throughout most of the second lap.

At the finish, Team Orange dominated sending a cohesive group of four across the line (Stephen Kenney, Clark Ellis, Rob Lukacs and Joel Souchette). The rest of the field mixed it up and Team Blue got their four guys in next to claim second place.

Congratulations to all. No crashes, flats, mechanicals or other drama and everyone finished both laps.

Huge thanks to volunteers Mark Shand and Don Huber for keeping everyone on course and safe around the corners.

Don has posted some nice photos and cool video of the race on his website. Check it out:

Final Results

Team Orange – First Place
Rick Courtney - ST
Brad Barron - C4
Kailee Boyle - ST
Clark Ellis - ST
Darcy Gullacher - ST
Stephen Kenney - ST
Rob Lukacs - ST
Joel Souchette - ST

Team Blue – Second Place
Trev Williams - ST
Mike Harrington - C4
Mike Healy - ST
Jason Koleba - C4
Andrew Paul - Ind
Darcy Reynard - ERTC
Dan Sigouin - ST

Team Green – Third Place
Darryl Parry - ST
Jeff Bell - HW
Cody Godlonton - HW
Mike Hoang - ST
Kyle Marcotte - ST
Clarence Poon - C4
Willy Vansevenant – HW

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Volunteers - Millarville RR

The weather looks perfect and we've got an awesome format for our race this Wednesday night!

Depending on how many racers we get out we'll designate the fastest three or four hammerheads as team leaders. The leaders don't count in the results but the next three racers from each team will. Teamwork and strategy will rule the roads.

We could use a couple volunteers to man corners, especially where RR33 joins Plummer's Road so if you're racing and can bring a friend, please do. If you used it all up at the Stampede Road Race on the weekend please consider coming out to cheer or heckle and to help keep everyone safe.


Sunday, July 12, 2009

Team Racing is back.... the Priddis meeting spot, Wednesday, July 15th, 6:30pm. Brian Beaulieu qill be your host for the evening as on the menu is one of our favourite events, the team RR. A chance for the hammerheads to work at protecting and managing your team and a chance for everybody to concentrate on working together. We'll meet at the Priddis meeting spot and utilize our Millarville course for the first time this year. The Priddis meeting spot is at the corner of highways 22 and 22X.

View Priddis Meeting Spot (PMS) in a larger map

As for the course, we'll form up at the meeting spot and once started everyone heads south along 22 to the Millarville turnoff (549) where we go west until ***** road. North along Range Road 33 to Plummers road where we turn eastwards, drift north, and finally eastward again to 22 where we start another lap. The race will finish along Plummer's Road just before you get back to 22 the second time. Its a nice easy cool down ride back to the meeting spot.

View Priddis Meeting Spot (PMS) in a larger map

Should be fun.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Results from Week 9, ST hosted evening.

Great night for racing. Lots of volunteers. Keith Bayly, Dallas Morris, Mike Healey, Darryl Parry, Mark Perry and Scott all volunteered their evening for 13 racers.

Notable racers: Paul Rosenburg up from Florida got a nice intro to Calgary weather. Andy Hill showed up with his cross bike to volunteer and we convinced him to race! Simon laid down a sweet time considering he was on a road bike.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

July 8th. 16km Technical ITT.

We are going to do a 16km ITT around the route we did the RR on last time we hosted. This is a perfect length to get you ready for Stampede Road Race. It is not too long to blow you out. It is also Jamie's favourite distance since it is 10miles.

Aero gear are game on for this one !

NOTE: We got a complaint last race from a resident on Nagway Road. We DON'T want to screw this course up for the Bear's Paw Open. So PLEASE, keep your eyes open for vehicles and smile and wave.

We WON'T do a mass pre-ride this time... so KNOW THE COURSE!! Either show up early enough to pre-ride yourself, or know it. First racer off at 6:31pm.

Here is the course we will do twice. It is a technical ITT since there are lots and lots of corners and it is very rolly. Pacing will be key so you don't blow up on the second lap:

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Classic Canada Day Classic!

Am I being repetitive? 16 brave souls challenged one of the best rides in the Calgary area as a race and a pursuit race no less. Dividing into three groups with the B having to make up 5 minutes and the As 10 minutes much pain was to be had as the wind compunded the slightly uphill nature of the first part of the course. Which is a fancy way of saying that it was really hilly and everbody suffered a lot as they either tried to chase down or avoid being chased down. The groups did converge and the games began with lots of mixing and matching going on as the course turned North downwind and a somewhat flatter. It was game on and the long gradual slope up to the finish made the selection. Well, almost. Line honours went finally to Rick Courtney by a mere 1 second over Joel Souchette with Clark Ellis 29 seconds in arrears but 2 seconds ahead of the trio of Mike Healy from the B group, Clarence Poon of the C group, and Darren Neilson of the A group. All in all it was great racing and lots of fun to watch. Results were by line honours but I included the net times and the groupings for reference.

Huge props to Darryl Parry for helping out and good luck in Stony Plain this weekend. Regrets to Ryan Barr and Paul Broska who suffered flats, I know you guys would have been in it. It was a good, good time on a great course, we'll do it again next year for sure. Next up is a TT next Wednesday put on by our good friends at Speed Theory. I'm sure it will be something quite interesting and if you're in town this weekend, check out their TT mirroring the Tour prologue which also looks like a great time.

Because it's a special occasion.... being July and all.