Monday, July 27, 2009

The Ultimate Showdown...

....well, it all comes down to this. The Amazing spectacle of amazingness that is the WNS mini-micro stage race. That's right, THREE times the racing in ONE evening. This Wednesday the 29th sharp at roughly 6:30ish we'll go forth and ride. Using our numbers, we'll lay siege to the Priddis Meeting spot at the corner of 22 and 22X.

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Once the fleet is assembled, we'll launch the riders on solo sorties commonly known in the cycling world as a prologue. We'll start right near the meeting spot and cover about 2km up the hill towards Calgary along 22X.

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Following an easy retreat back to the meeting spot we'll launch in our group squadrons onto the Millarville course for a lap of puttin' the hurt on. Time is the essence of this race and of course beating and shaming your nearest rivals.

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Then the deciding race of truth, a 9km individual TT for all the marbles. The TT will start a little south of the RR finish on 22 and run straight north back to the meeting spot and home base.

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After some dutifully applied mathemagics(tm) we'll crown our very own Tour de Millarville Contarmstrongoden. I couldn't fit any Schlecks or Wiggins in there without sounding rude and vaguely pronographic. Results are total time and there are bonus point on the line for finishes in each of the three events. Everything is Merckx again, we don't have time to change bikes around. The weather looks good (furiously knocking on wood here) and we'll need just two or three addtional volunteers although the more the merrier and the better run the event will be. Spectators are highly encourage and keep in mind that we'll only allow a few thousand out for each stage as we like to line the road no more than three deep on each side. Big bonus if you've got a relative or friend that can don a devil costume, chase the riders, and talk backwards.


Don Huber said...

I will be there to volunteer.

My word verification was "feases" Ha!

Spirogeek said...

Thanks, it'll help and it should be a fun evening with three short races like this.

Mine was "Cloche"

David said...

Hey, no speeding tickets this time! I'm going to make an effort to make it to this one!

Mike said...


I can volunteer if you're still in need. Just let me know where and what time.

Mike Hoang

Spirogeek said...

Sure, that would give me the three I need. Bring your bike in case though, you can always ride. We'll meet at 22 and 22X at about 6ish so I can get the riders off straight away at 6:30.

Trev said...

OK, so I need 26 points to Rick's 0 tonight to take the win !! DOABLE !!


Don Huber said...

Pics & Videos of The Series Finale at