Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Aug 15 Final WNS Race Results

We had an excellent turn out for the final ride. We couldn't ask for better weather conditions!

Thanks to Draughters for hosting the "after event' at the Wild Rose Brewery Taproom, and to Crank Masters for the first round!

Also special thanks to the volunteers tonight.

Here are the results:

Organizer: Mike Urquhart

Volunteers: Peter Heinemeyer, Randy Szasz, Willie Van Sevenant, Lorraine (Quinn and Tate)

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Aug 15 Final WNS Race of 2012 Hosted by Wild Road Brewery Draughters

And you know what that means! They have reserved seating booked at the Wild Rose Brewery Taproom for after the race. There will be a 15% discount on beer, also some draw prizes, including a beer pig for those who come out.  The address for the Taproom is Building AF23, #2, 4580 Quesnay Wood Drive SW.  It is just across from the old Farmers Market in the Currie Barracks, there are directions on the website.

In case anyone is also interested in the race details, it is a full aero 15km ITT in Springbank. It will be on the same course we used for the Team TT several weeks ago.

As usual, we may a few volunteers for the this course.

Sign up will be at Springbank High School and Recreation Centre where there is plenty of parking. Start time at 6:30 PM

The route will start south from the Springbank Meeting spot to towards the treacherous speed bumps of Mountain River Estates where we'll reverse course and head North back. A quick right on Springbank Road up to the Chicken Ranch where we'll head yet again south on range road 32 towards the end of the road. At the circle, come about again and set course for Lower Springbank Road where you'll turn to right yet again and make for Range Road 31. One last foray south on 31 where we'll turn around again, and the finish north along 31.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Series 3 Week 3 results - August 1st

It was a beautiful evening for a ride! The course was modified and actually went an extra 5 Km. So 3 laps ended up being 63 Km. Two laps 42. Great work on the finish line! Thanks again to all the volunteers.

Here are the results:

Wednesday, August 1st RR

Tonight's race is on! We will start from the Priddis Meeting Spot - Highway 22 and 22X.

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The C's can do two laps for 32km and the A's and B's three laps for 48km. A's can do four laps for 64km. if they want. The weather looks good for tonight. As usual, I could use some volunteers. See you all there at around 6:15PM, race starts at 6:30.