Thursday, August 18, 2011

Quick results...

As I'm off for a spell in the sunny Okanagan, I thought I'd at least get the results from last night out as well as update the final series 3 results.

I'll tell the tale shortly. Watch for an update later on our special event coming up in September.

Monday, August 15, 2011

And now the end is near.....

And so we face the final Wednesday.
My friend I'll say it clear
Come to our race it's not out of the way.

We've raced a lot of roads
And travelled many many highways.
And more, much more than this
We did it a variety of ways.

Regrets I've had a few
But then again I always mention
We tried our best, put on some races
And had some fun with few exceptions

And so we come to the end of the Wednesday Night Series for 2011. This Wednesday (super Wednesday) it will all come down to one night, three races, one champion. 6:30 at the Priddis meeting spot (22 and 22X) we'll try and get started early as we've got lots to sort out, scores to settle, and legs to hurt.
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It's a micro stage race. We'll start with a ~2km prologue to get warmed up and set the stage for the night. Short, sweet, and just a little taste of what's to come.

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The big event is the road race where we'll tear around our Millarville course for just one lap (29km) where time is of the essence.

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Finally, we'll cap it all off with the race of truth, a 9km time trial back to the meeting spot where the times will be summed, the champions determined, and the glory will be limitless.

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We'll use a sum of the times from the three events to crown the champion and for the overall, there will be bonus points awarded (3-2-1) for each of the events. Time to play for all the marbles.
I'll need at least a couple of volunteers for this as we're going to try and get a pile of racing done in a relatively short evening. The weather looks spectacular as usual so it should make for an amazing evening.

Up to date with the update....

Well, A few things to catch up on...Firstly, we've reviewed the finish line tape from the crit and congrats to the winners in each category. Cody won A with Carlos and Karel on the virtual podium. Cat B was Callum taking it from Clarence and Ron (Callum's looking A'ish these days). C was A battle of the veterans as Lewis took it over Willy and Brad. Thanks to Tom and ST for putting it on.
The following week, our record attempt at the Woodland course was derailed by the three horsemen of racing in Alberta. Road Construction, weather, and low turnout. Thanks to everybody that did make it, sorry we couldn't run something fun.
Lastly, I've updated the series 3 standing and I'll have something out about our finale later today. We're going to do ye olde mini stage race out of the Priddis meeting spot again.

Monday, August 8, 2011

...Your Mission...

...should you choose to accept it, is to rock the world this Wednesday. We're talking about a land speed record attempt. Or more specifically the complete obliteration of the year old course records on our venerable Woodlands TT course. Full on TT gear approved, all the free speed you can buy. Hey shave your arms, shave your head, shave evererything, saran wrap yourself if you think that'll work, I won't judge. What I will do is time the thing. Our targets are Mr Jared Green (Cat A) at 22:00, Sir Tom Kenney (Cat B) at 23:38, and the dastardly (and fast Cat C) The Right Honourable Brad Barron at 25:48. Hoo rah. I could use of course a volunteer or two and I'll try to reward everyone with sunshine and calm winds. Like Mike said, 6:30, Woodland course, this Wednesday, anything goes. Well, almost anything, leave the Gruber assists at home.

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Who is captain of the ship this week?

I don't know if Jami is back but if he is not I will host the Wednesday night special on the Woodland TT course. Below is the blurb from our kick-off race of the season. Try to take a minute off your May time!

This week is a 16km ITT on the NW Woodland course (Highway 1A and Woodland Road). The first rider will start at 6:30 PM. This will be a full aero TT. Feel free to use your TT/Tri bike, aero wheels & helmets, skin suits, shoe covers and any non-UCI compliant bike components. The course is mainly flat with a couple of rollers near the end to keep you interested and a brief downhill in the middle. I can use a few volunteers to help with this race.

Some parking is available at Woodland Road. Parking is also available at Bearspaw road and at the Lions Club (Farmers Market) on Nagway Road.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Tomorrow night's WNS.

This Wednesdays race is a long crit course. The 2.5km course is fabulous and should be fast and fun.
Start time is 6:30.
Cat A 25 minutes +2 laps
Cat B 20 minutes plus 2 laps
Cat C 20 minutes plus 1 lap
Rev 'em up!

It's time to give a little. I need more volunteers due to my lack of experience and early onset dimentia (I forget peoples names the instant they are told to me). Someone to help at the finish line and more people on the corners. Steve will be there early to sweep corners and could use a hand. I'll get there around 6:30 for a 6:45 start time.