Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Kickin' It Old School

Kudos to the brave souls who survived tonight's rather beautiful, balmy, and almost windless evening. But they did it Merckx style and stylin' they were. Big Congratulations to Rob Onodera who completely played the part including toe clips, a leather helmet, and the full vintage ride. Also notable was Stephen "The Big Baguette" Kenney for bringing a little Europe to the race. Anyway, on to the details. The course was a little long (maybe 400m) but that's racing. Big, big thanks to Jeff Bell of Highwood for skipping the race to volunteer. We need to get out at least a couple of volunteers to each race and I hope to not have to take riders for it but we'll see how it works. We'll need a few to help out next week with the road race. Anyway, the results....

1 Stephen Kenney Speed Theory 24:50
2 Cody Godlonton Highwood 24:57
3 Darcy Jones Highwood 25:58
4 Masa Higuchi C4/Bicisport 26:15
5 Richard VervoortHighwood 26:36
6 Lev Krivitsky Terrascape 26:44
7 Tamara Salomon Ind 26:50
8 Paul Anderson Speed Theory 26:50
9 Jacek Kasprzyk C4 27:16
10 Darcy Gullacher Bicisport 27:16
11 Carolyn Soules C4 27:24
12 Peter HockenhullPeleton/C4 27:36
13 Mark Perry C4 27:37
14 Willy VansevenantHighwood 27:41
15 Robert ArmstrongC4 27:51
16 Keith Anderson Highwood 28:00
17 Brian Beaulieu C4 28:20
18 Shari Boyle C4 28:32
19 Wes Zaniecki C4 29:04
20 Sandra Yaworski Speed Theory 29:52
21 David MorgantiniC4 29:58
22 Rob Onodera C4 33:27

Good ride and closer times than I anticipated. Good job. Mark Perry will be handling duties next week for the road race at the Priddis meeting spot and I'll return in two weeks also at the Priddis meeting spot for the 2x10km time trial evening. Over and out.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Looks Good For Tomorrow - Merckx TT

Going old school. You get to ride like Jens Voigt on a long flier ten minutes in front of the peleton. Actually, Voigt's gear is pretty aero so think of Eddy putting the hammer down and the hurt on. No aerobars, no aero bikes, no aero wheels. Bonus seconds for steel five speed bikes with box rims and downtube shifters. Just you and the wind. Weather looks good at this point and I hope its nice and just a bit windy. We go rain or shine unless conditions would be considered dangerous and I'll post here if that is the case. I should be there on time and we'll start shortly after 7 at the Dunbow Road location. Just a reminder that you need to be at least a secondary Crankmasters member and please continue to spread the parking out, last time was great.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Road Racers Are Go!

Despite the rather chilly and windy evening, nine brave souls toed the line and rode our inaugural Wednesday Night Series road race. The low numbers and cool weather meant that all riders started together for one lap of our course (approximately 29km)but everyone finished within a few minutes of each other and there was certainly some interesting racing. Enough suspense already, and on to the results...

1. Lachlan Holmes (Speed Theory)
2. Stephen Kenney (Speed Theory)
3. Darcy Gullacher (Bicisport)
4. Jeff Bell (Highwood)
5. Chris Stutz (C4)
6. Richard Vervoort (Highwood)
7. Michael Chui (Speed Theory)
8. Will Vansevenant (Highwood)
9. Lev Krivitsky (Terrascape)

I'll figure out exactly who is an A,B, etc. after a couple of more races and tabulate the series standings then. Next week is an Eddy Merckx TT, and if you're wondering what a Merckx TT is, it means no aerobars, no aero helmet, no aero wheels. Ride like Eddy did. Should be fun. In two weeks we're back for another road race on this course and the A's will ride a couple of laps. Tell your friends, we'd love to see more racers.

Wild Weather Fun

Well, it's starting to look pretty craptacular out there this morning as far as the weather goes. I'm all for the rain but it does seem a little chilly in the rain and that isn't good. However, as the policy indicates, we will try and run the race tonight so at the very least, I'll be there. Safe and warm in my car, I'll be there.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

First night perfect!

Thanks a ton for showing up. A great start to our inaugural Wednesday Night Racing Series. Conditions were good and challenging with a strong west wind facing riders on the return. Other than a little mess where there is some side road construction the course looked in good shape and the riders in great shape. Good job spreading the parking out and other than a nut in a SUV there weren't any problems. I'm pumped for the rest of the series and I'm not even racing. Big props to Randy Szasz, Rob Onodera, and (I wish I could remember your name finihs line girl, please someone tell me...) for the volunteer help.
There was a tight race for the top and overall, everyone was on it. C4's Ryan Barr takes the honours by seconds, followed by Speedtheory's Steve Kenney. Ageless Lev Krivitsky rode to a close third place. Kudos to Willy from Highwood for finishing after what I hear was a flat tire. Anyway, good job all and now for the important stuff though, the results...

1 Ryan Barr 22:59
2 Stephen Kenney 23:05
3 Lev Krivitsky 23:36
4 Lachlan Holmes 24:33
5 Jacek Kasprzyk 24:39
6 Jeff Bell 25:08
7 Robert Armstrong 25:29
8 Mark Perry 25:34
9 Michael Chan 25:45
10 Wes Zaniecki 26:08
11 Carolyn Soules 26:10
12 Keith Anderon 27:02
13 Charles Irwin 27:36
14 Jane McCurdy 28:53
15 Brad Barron 29:09
16 David Morgantini 29:21
17 Willy Vansevenant 41:16

Not 100% sure the distance was correct as it was done with my minivan, so if anyone can let me know what their computers tell them then I'll calculate some speeds. I hope it was fairly close. Anyway, thanks again for coming out and we'll look forward to seeing you next time.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

WNS launches tonight!

It's looking good for a start to our 2008 WNS series tonight at the Dunbow Road location. The fun starts at 7pm and we'll be running a 10 mile (16km) TT. As for weather, we do plan on racing rain or shine but we will cancel if we think things are looking dangerous. Check this page before the race if the weather is sketchy and I'll post a notice if there is a cancellation. See you all tonight.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Everythings looks good for Wednesday

Weather ... check. Course ... check. Riders ... check. Volunteers ... hopefully. We need at least 3 total (including me) to run this thing, another if we want a holder. We'll see what we get. We also need to make sure that everyone is at least a secondary member of Crankmasters and that if they are a secondary member that they do have a primary membership with another club (ABA insurance) or are an independant with the ABA.
On another note, please think about parking in town and using the ride down as a warmup or at the very least, spreading the parking our around the race site. There are a couple of places that we can park in the area and we would like to lessen the load on the residents. Please be mindful and we shouldn't have a problem in their neighbourhood with this race. All it takes is one though and it could go south on us in a hurry.

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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Wednesday Night Meeting

Just a reminder that we are holding a meeting tomorrow night at 7pm for anyone interested in the C4 Wednesday Night Series. Also, we can collect membership forms (you have to be a primary or secondary member) at this time. We'll go over the basics and begin to get an idea who is interested in the series. If anyone is interested, it would be a good time to head out and give the road race course a try (29km loop). The meeting is at the Priddis Meeting Spot (not actually IN Priddis) at the junction of Highway 22 and 22X. To get there, head west out of the South end of town along 22X towards Bragg Creek and we will meet where Highway 22 heads south towards Turner Valley.

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