Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Aug 15 Final WNS Race Results

We had an excellent turn out for the final ride. We couldn't ask for better weather conditions!

Thanks to Draughters for hosting the "after event' at the Wild Rose Brewery Taproom, and to Crank Masters for the first round!

Also special thanks to the volunteers tonight.

Here are the results:

Organizer: Mike Urquhart

Volunteers: Peter Heinemeyer, Randy Szasz, Willie Van Sevenant, Lorraine (Quinn and Tate)

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Aug 15 Final WNS Race of 2012 Hosted by Wild Road Brewery Draughters

And you know what that means! They have reserved seating booked at the Wild Rose Brewery Taproom for after the race. There will be a 15% discount on beer, also some draw prizes, including a beer pig for those who come out.  The address for the Taproom is Building AF23, #2, 4580 Quesnay Wood Drive SW.  It is just across from the old Farmers Market in the Currie Barracks, there are directions on the website.

In case anyone is also interested in the race details, it is a full aero 15km ITT in Springbank. It will be on the same course we used for the Team TT several weeks ago.

As usual, we may a few volunteers for the this course.

Sign up will be at Springbank High School and Recreation Centre where there is plenty of parking. Start time at 6:30 PM

The route will start south from the Springbank Meeting spot to towards the treacherous speed bumps of Mountain River Estates where we'll reverse course and head North back. A quick right on Springbank Road up to the Chicken Ranch where we'll head yet again south on range road 32 towards the end of the road. At the circle, come about again and set course for Lower Springbank Road where you'll turn to right yet again and make for Range Road 31. One last foray south on 31 where we'll turn around again, and the finish north along 31.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Series 3 Week 3 results - August 1st

It was a beautiful evening for a ride! The course was modified and actually went an extra 5 Km. So 3 laps ended up being 63 Km. Two laps 42. Great work on the finish line! Thanks again to all the volunteers.

Here are the results:

Wednesday, August 1st RR

Tonight's race is on! We will start from the Priddis Meeting Spot - Highway 22 and 22X.

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The C's can do two laps for 32km and the A's and B's three laps for 48km. A's can do four laps for 64km. if they want. The weather looks good for tonight. As usual, I could use some volunteers. See you all there at around 6:15PM, race starts at 6:30.

Monday, July 23, 2012

I've seen things you people wouldn't believe....

....fancy bikes with flats on the shoulder of the highway.  I watched speedsters stop to eat near the Kananskis gate.  All those riders will be racing, like riders in pain.  Time to go.

Back again is the most scenic road race on earth.  Well, in Alberta at least.  It's time for the Kananaskis Road Race.  This little classic, a favourite from the days of yore, starts where White Avenue in Bragg Creek meets Highway 66 just west of 22. This is on the back way out of Bragg Creek near the Provincial Park and people can park in Bragg Creek, at the school on 22, or at the Provincial Park and enjoy a nice easy warmup out to the meeting spot. Time is the usual 6:30, this Wednesday the 25th.

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While I endeavour to clean up the course where I can and to avoid significant obstacles, there are a couple of sections of this course that require some warning. The first thing to note is that there are three sets of 'Texas Gates' on the roadway in each direction. What are 'Texas Gates' you ask? Somebody somewhere though it would be a grand idea to let cows do what cows do wherever they want in large open areas. We like roads through these large open areas so fences just don't work to keep marauding bovines out of out gardens and china shops. The clever solution (clever being a relative term when you're dealing with Texas) is to lay a bunch of pipes across the roadway with the idea that cattle can't cross. Well they can't, but bikes can. They places a couple of small strips along the direction of travel for things like bikes or snakes or something like that to travel along. We've all ridden over these cursed things and for the most part they provide little obstacle. What I need from the riders is a commitment that you'll ride nice and neutral over them, at a comfortable speed, and you'll wait until everyone is across to open the throttle. Just at the gates, mind you. Open the throttle up the hills all you want, I'll be there to chuckle.
The second thing to note are the hills. While the fun and exciting part is going uphill, all things at some point have to come down. So when the roadway tilts down and you descend, take it easy, spread out, give room and ride safe. While it might look cool to open up a couple of hundred feet on the pack going downhill by the time you the uphill starts again that translates into about four feet.
The final thing to note is the proximity to the special area of the province known as McLean Creek. It's not that kind of 'special', it's the other kind of 'special', the kind with 'special' people. They people have bikes which like yours, have wheels. Many of them might also be armed in a way that Alberto 'El Pistolero' Contador is not. They might however, test cleaner. The course goes through the turnoff area and while we have right of way and all that, just be alert and keep your heads up. We all know what happens when the canoes wreck and the banjos start.
The course is pretty simple. The Cs will ride something like a 38km round trip, turning around at a pullout just up the hill after Elbow Falls. The Bs make the summit and turn around at the pullout there, and the As go to the end of the earth, I mean road and turn around at the entrance to the provincial park. The finish is pretty much back where we started.

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This is a great one to bring a volunteer to as I can certainly think of worse things to do than hang around in the spectacular mountains watching the race. In all, I need at least three to make it go, the plywood guys (I call them 'Texas volunteers') won't cut it this time. See ya then.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Series 3 Week 1: Results

Well, it was a beautiful evening for a TT.  Sunny, hot, and only a slight wind.  Attendance was light, I expected a few more!  Thanks to all the volunteers for their help!

Here are the results of the Full Aero TT on Woodland Course.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

WNS Series 2

A big thank you to Mike and Speed Theory for organizing the entire second series for the 2012 WNS.

Series 3 Week 1: Full Aero TT on Woodland Course

Peter will be running the race this week. We are back in the NW on the Woodland Course for a 16km full aero TT. First rider will start at 6:30. He will require at least a couple of volunteers.

Bonus points for anyone we beats the record time for their Category (I will try to post the records before the race).

Standard TT, Woodland Road Course.
Details:  There is some parking near the start of  the race located on the gravel sideroad parallel to highway 1A.  However, we encourage those who can to park in town, or near bearspaw Road and ride to the start.  Spreading out the cars helps with community relations.
Distance is 16km so ride hard and ride consistent, there are a few hills in the closing kilometres.  After you finish, it's and easy neutral ride back to the starting area down Lochend and along the 1A.  Be careful with the 1A, it's a busy piece of road at times.  The coarse starts along the 1A heading West.  You turn off the 1A near the top of the Cochrane Hill at retreat road, following the road as it twists back and turns north.  The next and last turn is right onto 262 which takes you to the finish along 262 a kilometre before you reach Lochend Road.
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Series 2 Results

The auditors, the UCI, the colour commentators, editors, spell checkers, historians and drug testers will all be around later to contribute to this masterpiece. In the meantime I thought you would like to see the series results. Some people raced in different divisions during the series and some should probably not have raced in the divisions they raced in so I had to make some adjustments. I will ask our webmaster to help me link the full spreadsheet here later so you can see how you did in each of the 4 races. Thanks to the racing volunteers who got their points for racing and the non-racer volunteers - Lesley Matthews, Peter Heinemayer, Rob Stagg, Connie Choi and Randy Szasz. We missed one race at the start because of the weather so that was not bad. I see one potential problem already, I have an Ernie and a Frank Cosman listed, are they one and the same or do we have a Schleck situation on our hands?

Category A Category B Category C
 Cody Godlonton45Walter Loeppky52 John Banister35
Stephen Kenny40Mike Urquhart35Justin Siemens35
Barrie Furlong35Tom Kenny33 Rod Schuhart35
Karel Bergman35Stephen Pickett30Willie Van Sevenant35
 Thomas Yip28Mike Chopchitz*26 Brad Barron33
 Mike Waldhuber 24 Lampros Antoniou 21 Dan Alboiu30
Evan Bayer23Corey Davis20Shawna Donaldson 30
 Marc Enter22Simon Forman20 Andy Hill30
Callum Galbraith20Marc Enter20Andres Perdomo25
Dallas Morris15Lawrence Zalasky17Rick Richard 20
 Isaac Beall14Glenn Miles17Dave Robertson18
Reinier Paauwe14Brent Thumlert12Meghan Brown10
Rick Courtney13Peter Doig 10 Louis Gitelman9
Jack VanDyk12 Carl Lapointe10Dawn Heinemeyer9
Harley Borlee12Paul Connelly9 Kailee Boyle9
 Rob Walsh9Ron Fiell9David Baker8
Clark Ellis9Daryl Beatty9Frank Cosman8
Jason Koleba9Jeremie Green9 Shelly Bender8
Joel Goralski8Jay Rankin9 Ernie Cosman7
Alan Oickle8Lewis Gitelman8 Stan Alboiu7
 Michael Scheck6Mike Healy7Patrick Brick 7
 Andrew Paul5 Keith Ingstrup3Sarah Foster4
Brenda Guebert4
Mark Perry3