Sunday, July 15, 2012

Series 2 Results

The auditors, the UCI, the colour commentators, editors, spell checkers, historians and drug testers will all be around later to contribute to this masterpiece. In the meantime I thought you would like to see the series results. Some people raced in different divisions during the series and some should probably not have raced in the divisions they raced in so I had to make some adjustments. I will ask our webmaster to help me link the full spreadsheet here later so you can see how you did in each of the 4 races. Thanks to the racing volunteers who got their points for racing and the non-racer volunteers - Lesley Matthews, Peter Heinemayer, Rob Stagg, Connie Choi and Randy Szasz. We missed one race at the start because of the weather so that was not bad. I see one potential problem already, I have an Ernie and a Frank Cosman listed, are they one and the same or do we have a Schleck situation on our hands?

Category A Category B Category C
 Cody Godlonton45Walter Loeppky52 John Banister35
Stephen Kenny40Mike Urquhart35Justin Siemens35
Barrie Furlong35Tom Kenny33 Rod Schuhart35
Karel Bergman35Stephen Pickett30Willie Van Sevenant35
 Thomas Yip28Mike Chopchitz*26 Brad Barron33
 Mike Waldhuber 24 Lampros Antoniou 21 Dan Alboiu30
Evan Bayer23Corey Davis20Shawna Donaldson 30
 Marc Enter22Simon Forman20 Andy Hill30
Callum Galbraith20Marc Enter20Andres Perdomo25
Dallas Morris15Lawrence Zalasky17Rick Richard 20
 Isaac Beall14Glenn Miles17Dave Robertson18
Reinier Paauwe14Brent Thumlert12Meghan Brown10
Rick Courtney13Peter Doig 10 Louis Gitelman9
Jack VanDyk12 Carl Lapointe10Dawn Heinemeyer9
Harley Borlee12Paul Connelly9 Kailee Boyle9
 Rob Walsh9Ron Fiell9David Baker8
Clark Ellis9Daryl Beatty9Frank Cosman8
Jason Koleba9Jeremie Green9 Shelly Bender8
Joel Goralski8Jay Rankin9 Ernie Cosman7
Alan Oickle8Lewis Gitelman8 Stan Alboiu7
 Michael Scheck6Mike Healy7Patrick Brick 7
 Andrew Paul5 Keith Ingstrup3Sarah Foster4
Brenda Guebert4
Mark Perry3


kingstrup said...


Thanks for posting. Was at the "Mini Giro" an the "Hill Climb" for the second block of races. Should have 6 points, need all the help I can get. Cheers, Keith (B Group)

Anonymous said...

Yea, Keith you should have got 4 points for mini giro and 3 for the hill climb. I'll fix that.

lewisgitelman said...

Lewis G and Louis G are the same.

Anonymous said...

Lewis, yes you had 8 points from the hill climb in cat B and 9 points from the giro in cat C. I missed that. I will change that and give you a new total 17 points in cat C.

Anonymous said...

Dan Alboiu and Stan Alboiu (misspelled @ 40km TT) are the same.

Thx. Dan.

Anonymous said...

I'll fix that as well Dan. Thanks.

Frank C said...

Frank Cosman and Ernie Cosman are brothers.