Wednesday, July 11, 2012

COP Hill Climb Times

Thanks for your comments everyone, must have had a glitch in the timing. Here are the final results.

Willy and Stephen also get points for volunteering and racing. Thanks guys. Working on series results now.

Stephen Kenny 4:15
Cody Godlonton 4:20
Karel Bergman 4:20
Barrie Furlng 4:25
Clark Ellis 4:27
Joel Goralski 4:28
Stephen Pickett 4:46
Tom Kenny 5:00
Mike Urquhart 5:13
Callum Balbraith 5:20
Walter Loeppky 5:27
Lewis Gitelman 5:30
Lawrence Zalasky 5:32
Jeremie Green 5:33
Glenn Miles 5:35
Jay Rankin 5:40
Shawna Donaldson 5:45
Keith Ingstrup 5:52
Dan Alboiu 5:59
Rod Schuhart 5:59
Andy Hill 5:59
Brad Barron 6:18
Willie Van Sevenant 6:21
Patrick Brick 8:16


Team Niklas said...

Clark was a second ahead of me. My Garmin said 4:28 which is the time you gave me so Clark should be 4:27

Joel G

Relentless said...

Mike: I'm shocked you don't thinkI can do that hill in 3:15 :) My polar showed me at 4:20 but I don't care about the time

Karel said...

Hmm. My Garmin said 4:20 or just a hair under for the ride. 4:11 for the Strava segment (which is a bit shorter) anyway. Barrie was right behind me (somewhere around 5 seconds).