Monday, May 31, 2010

We're back on the road... the Priddis meeting spot, Wednesday, June 2nd, 6:30pm. As the first series gets closer to wrapping up, we'll go single and go hard this time. Road race (by categories) at 6:30 to see who can hang on, hold out, and bring it home. We'll meet at the Priddis meeting spot and utilize our Millarville course for the first time this year. The Priddis meeting spot is at the corner of highways 22 and 22X.

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As for the course, we'll form up at the meeting spot and once started everyone heads south along 22 to the Millarville turnoff (549) where we go west until range road 33. North along Range Road 33 to Plummers road where we turn eastwards, drift north, and finally eastward again to 22 where we start another lap. The race will finish along Plummer's Road just before you get back to 22 the second time. Its a nice easy cool down ride back to the meeting spot. A's and B's will make two loops of the square, C's and novices will make one.

View Priddis Meeting Spot (PMS) in a larger map

I need just a few volunteers for this one and it would be great if I had enough to run a novice group during the race. It's fun to watch these ones too as it's evolving craziness out there.

Should be fun.

Friday, May 28, 2010

The results are in....

...fresh from the auditors. Well, really, I forgot to get them up and got caught up in stuff but hey, better late than never.
I was a great old night at Springbank with a suprisingly robust turnout given the threatening nature of the weather. Will a little rain repellant dispersal we managed to pretty much stay dry and get the race off without a hitch. Neat course that I think I'll use again as it's great to race in Calgary's backyard and offers a bit better access to North and South.
We paired up riders using my highly scientific and highly 'making it up as I go' kind of methodology and it was game on. Actually, results were pretty close given the spectrum of riders that we had and most people had the hurt on.

Huge props to my volunteers for the evening as it take a few to make this course run. They were: Clarence Poon, Dan Seguin, Carlos Bonilla, David Morgantini, Glen Miles, and a young lady (with Karel) whom I'm embarrased to say I couldn't remember the name. Thanks all, it was fun.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


2up TT tomorrow (Wednesday) night at 6:30 at Springbank (at the arena parking lot). Try and be there at 6:00 or so as it will give us a bit of time to make up the teams.

This is a good chance for the hammerheads to see what you can do with the horsepower in a 2up setting. just how much faster than 1up can you go. 50 kilometres an hour?

To ride in the series we need each and everyone to be at least a second claim member if you are a member of another club or ABA independant or a primary claim member otherwise. While we have allowed a few participants with a drop in fee we do need the membership as it must remain a Crankmasters club race. Great deal anyway with the WNS, our other races and rides and a chance at some of the prizes that we'll dole out after the series to the winners.

I should be there on time but I have a dentist appointment at 4 so I might just get there at 6 and possibly be somewhat cranky. I promise not to take it out on you guys.

I do need about 4 or so volunteers to make this one go as the course is a little more twisty than usual but on the positive side, it is in Springbank and runs fairly quickly. Good fun too watching the 2up format.

See ya tomorrow night.


Monday, May 24, 2010

2up TT this Wednesday!

And now for something slightly different. 2up TT in Springbank at 6:30 this Wednesday the 26th of May. We'll take two of you, make you into friends, and unleash you on this slightly technical and definitely challenging TT course right in our backyard. We'll meet in a corner of the parking lot at the Springbank arena starting at 6pm and get the racing underway right around 6:30.

View Springbank Meeting Spot in a larger map
It's a bit of a challenge fitting a course into a space like this, especially given the road conditions and the need for a good shoulder so it has lead to this kind of configuartion and it takes a bit of explaining and a few good volunteers. The course starts eastbound on Springbank Road heading back towards Calgary. A right turn not that far along onto Range Road 32 takes you due South all the way past Lower Springbank Road to a big turnaround at the end of the road as you approach the river. It's pretty easy to see as beyond that there ain't no road. Back up Range Road 32 to Springbank Road and a right turn taking you east again towards Calgary. You then turn right on Horizon View Road for a quick jaunt to Lower Springbank Road where you turn right and head out west along Lower Springbank. Finally, a turn north on to Range Road 32 again and the finish along 32 a short time later. Lots of twists and turns but these roads should be familiar to almost everybody.

With all the turns and the more developed nature of a lot of these roads I will by trying to round up 4 or 5 volunteers for this so bring out a friend, relative, or relative you are friends with and we'll put them to work. It will be a nice pleasant evening and we're not far from town so I'd really appreciate it if I can get anough hands to make this unique course work. Other than that, it's a standard TT so anything goes and just remember to be like Astar and play safe.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Woot woot....

...that was fun. Beeeeeeeeeautiful night. Dry roads, check. Closed course, check. Nice weather, check. Game on.

My favourite kind of housing development (with no houses) provided a neat little circuit race course that we took over for the evening and ran a neat little event. A little course modification (debris), a little time modification (tardy A's), and a little HTFU (time). It we ran 3 groups just a few minutes apart and initially interesting and nice and grouped it didn't take too long for the groups to explode and the games to begin. Small groups, pairs, solos, all over the place which did lead to some confusion on the 2 laps to go signals and I apologize for screwing that up for a few people. Clearly not my finest hour but I think I've got it mostly sorted in the results.
All in all, great racing and congrats to the winners. Huge props to the volunteers for this week which were Mark Perry, Lev Krivitsky, and my corner worker (spouse) whi I missed her name. Thanks all. Next week we'll try a 2up TT in Springbank.

Monday, May 17, 2010

A new kind of fun...

A WNS long crit (circuit race). There is a hidden, lovely little glade with butterflies, and bees, chipmunks, rabbits, and backhoes, excavators, and cement trucks. At least, that's what the brochure says. On a run before last week's race I had a revelation. Or I should say I was looking for a way to opt out of the hills and I turned right and discovered Willow Creek at Bearspaw. A housing development without houses. Well, there are two or three under construction but close enough for our purposes. What it does have are paved roads and a fairly complete lack of traffic. Perfect for a circuit race/crit you say, and a circuit race/crit we will have.
We'll park at the Woodland spot where we parked last week at Woodland Road and 1A and just ride down to the race site from there (a few hundred metres). We are trying to squeeze the racing in so we will have some concurrency in the racing and they won't be that long a race. I was thinking of:
6:40pm A's 30min + 2 laps
7:00pm B's 25min + 2 laps
7:20pm C's 20min + 2 laps
7:50 Novice! 15min + 1 lap
I'm hoping that a few of the A's, B's, and C's can hang around and help out with the other categories and with the novice group. Any additional volunteers would be terribly useful as this kind of race needs some management.
Sounds like fun? Well, it should prove to be. In the words of the famous Japanese hero Captain Tenneal ... "Let's get it on" (I think Barry White might have also used that line).

Thursday, May 13, 2010


49 Hardy souls braved the warm sunny conditions, the clean road surface and the light winds to launch the 2010 Crankmasters Wednesday Night Race Series. Old faces, new faces, keen riders all. Add 1 lazy and out of shape race director and you've got a night of fun and excitement.

The usual suspects showed up near the top of the overall results but some new names in there as well so it should certainly make it interesting as the season progresses. I haven't split it into divisions yet but I'll take a stab at it this week using a combination of these results, last year's results (no excuses), my entirely subjective appraisal, and maybe a little voodoo magic.

But now the good stuff....

My apologies for the various mispelled names, let me know next time and I'll be more than happy to fix them. Props to Mark Perry of Crankmasters for being my volunteer. My one and only volunteer. Just a little prod to get a couple more out if I can and they don't have to be riders, just helpful family, friends, neighbours, accountants, lawyers, parole officers, members of parliament, etc. You get the idea.

As I was out running (shuffling) before the race last night I made a discovery, a most wonderful discovery. I found a crit/circuit race course friendly for all. Actually, a housing development a few hundred metres from the Woodland meeting spot that doesn't actually have any finished houses yet. Two under construction but the guys seemed to have headed off spot on 5. What it does have is a few kilometres of fairly newly paved roads and an absence of cars. We'll rock it next week. Parking will be at the Woodland spot and the race real close. I'll publish the details soon (once I make them up). I'll need something like 4 or 5 volunteers to make it work but hey, easy job and endless praise. What's not to like.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

... three ... two ... one .... (UPDATED)

... and so it begins (FOR REAL THIS TIME) ...

MAY 12th it all starts !! Get there a little earlier than usual this time since there is always some 'first race' hiccups and such.

Many things are inevitible in life ... taxes, snow in June, the Leafs missing the playoffs, and the Crankmasters Wednesday Night Series. It all starts next week, Wednesday May 5th at 6:30pm. The race...a 10 mile (16km) regular TT on our brand spanking new course. It all starts from the Woodland Meeting Spot (WMS).

The Woodland meeting spot is located at the junction of Woodland road and highway 1A just west of Bearspaw and before Lochend Road. There is a side road there (Twp Rd 255) off of Woodland where we'll set up. Ample parking is available along 255 and on Nagway road just to the east off Bearspaw Road. And of course, you could always ride out to the site from Calgary. Please try and spread the parking out so that everybody isn't all parked at the same spot in order to keep things low key with respect to the local population.

View Directions to Twp Rd 262 in a larger map
The course starts just west of Woodland Road and heads west along 1A towards Cochrane. After a few kilometres and just before you start to head down the hill into Cochrane we turn right on to Big Hill Road, around the corner and straight north on Range Road 40. A short time thereafter another right turn onto Twp Road 262 heads you back eastwards towards the finish about a kilometre before you get to Lochend road. It's a short ride back to the start from there.

View Directions to Twp Rd 262 in a larger map
We'll kick things off with a 'regular' TT which basically means bring the aero gear if you got it. Aero bars, aero helmets, discs, wind resistance reducing full body butter applications, whatever make it happen for you. Not required of course and really it just comes down to legs and lungs.

I'll need at least 3 volunteers for this one so bring a friend and I'll put them to work. It's pretty easy work and nothing beats standing out there in the howling wind watching cyclings grind their way forward. As for the weather, we'll play it by ear and I'll update the blog as we go. Showers don't scare me but driving rain, snow, locusts, and whatever else this province produces does.

We'll see you then.