Monday, May 17, 2010

A new kind of fun...

A WNS long crit (circuit race). There is a hidden, lovely little glade with butterflies, and bees, chipmunks, rabbits, and backhoes, excavators, and cement trucks. At least, that's what the brochure says. On a run before last week's race I had a revelation. Or I should say I was looking for a way to opt out of the hills and I turned right and discovered Willow Creek at Bearspaw. A housing development without houses. Well, there are two or three under construction but close enough for our purposes. What it does have are paved roads and a fairly complete lack of traffic. Perfect for a circuit race/crit you say, and a circuit race/crit we will have.
We'll park at the Woodland spot where we parked last week at Woodland Road and 1A and just ride down to the race site from there (a few hundred metres). We are trying to squeeze the racing in so we will have some concurrency in the racing and they won't be that long a race. I was thinking of:
6:40pm A's 30min + 2 laps
7:00pm B's 25min + 2 laps
7:20pm C's 20min + 2 laps
7:50 Novice! 15min + 1 lap
I'm hoping that a few of the A's, B's, and C's can hang around and help out with the other categories and with the novice group. Any additional volunteers would be terribly useful as this kind of race needs some management.
Sounds like fun? Well, it should prove to be. In the words of the famous Japanese hero Captain Tenneal ... "Let's get it on" (I think Barry White might have also used that line).


Clarke E said...

Are all of the categories supposed to show up at 6:30? If not, is it possible to post the categories so that if I don't have to show up early, I'm not in big rush?

Spirogeek said...

Great question. I usually come up with the categories according to 1. First TT time 2. Last year's results 3. An entirely made up assessment at the time of sign up.
You'd be an A so you'd be up first.

Tom K said...

I'm a Cat 'B' right?

David said...

Novice right?

Spirogeek said...

We'll talk.