Friday, May 28, 2010

The results are in....

...fresh from the auditors. Well, really, I forgot to get them up and got caught up in stuff but hey, better late than never.
I was a great old night at Springbank with a suprisingly robust turnout given the threatening nature of the weather. Will a little rain repellant dispersal we managed to pretty much stay dry and get the race off without a hitch. Neat course that I think I'll use again as it's great to race in Calgary's backyard and offers a bit better access to North and South.
We paired up riders using my highly scientific and highly 'making it up as I go' kind of methodology and it was game on. Actually, results were pretty close given the spectrum of riders that we had and most people had the hurt on.

Huge props to my volunteers for the evening as it take a few to make this course run. They were: Clarence Poon, Dan Seguin, Carlos Bonilla, David Morgantini, Glen Miles, and a young lady (with Karel) whom I'm embarrased to say I couldn't remember the name. Thanks all, it was fun.

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Carlos said...

Photos can be found below. I think most people are included but if I missed you it was because there was potentially a car coming up or perhaps maybe you were just simply too fast. Enjoy.