Friday, May 21, 2010

Woot woot....

...that was fun. Beeeeeeeeeautiful night. Dry roads, check. Closed course, check. Nice weather, check. Game on.

My favourite kind of housing development (with no houses) provided a neat little circuit race course that we took over for the evening and ran a neat little event. A little course modification (debris), a little time modification (tardy A's), and a little HTFU (time). It we ran 3 groups just a few minutes apart and initially interesting and nice and grouped it didn't take too long for the groups to explode and the games to begin. Small groups, pairs, solos, all over the place which did lead to some confusion on the 2 laps to go signals and I apologize for screwing that up for a few people. Clearly not my finest hour but I think I've got it mostly sorted in the results.
All in all, great racing and congrats to the winners. Huge props to the volunteers for this week which were Mark Perry, Lev Krivitsky, and my corner worker (spouse) whi I missed her name. Thanks all. Next week we'll try a 2up TT in Springbank.


Clarke E said...

Not to complain or anything, but I'm pretty sure I came in 2nd in A right behind Dallas (only because he waited for me). And I don't think Dan was last??

The results you announced right after the race were correct as far as I could tell.

Thanks for the awesome race again, that was a lot of fun!

Spirogeek said...

You're so right Clarke. In fact I typed the results in in the order in which you guys signed up. Probably not the best way to run a race as I'm sure somebody would show up at 4 or you'd have to sign up in the order in which you finish which is kind of hard to do before the race enless you're Doctor Who. Much, much thanks for the note, I will make the appropriate correction.

poonworks said...

thanks for the race !
i can be a volunteer for next weeks 2up tt if you need.
let me know


NGarcia said...


Just found about about wednesday racig. What do you have to do to race?

Sparky said...

Well, we just ask that you join Crankmasters as a secondary member if you are a member of another ABA sanctioned club and a primary member otherwise. We race at a variety of locations around Calgary, alternating TTs and road type races each Wednesday at 6:30.