Sunday, May 2, 2010

... three ... two ... one .... (UPDATED)

... and so it begins (FOR REAL THIS TIME) ...

MAY 12th it all starts !! Get there a little earlier than usual this time since there is always some 'first race' hiccups and such.

Many things are inevitible in life ... taxes, snow in June, the Leafs missing the playoffs, and the Crankmasters Wednesday Night Series. It all starts next week, Wednesday May 5th at 6:30pm. The race...a 10 mile (16km) regular TT on our brand spanking new course. It all starts from the Woodland Meeting Spot (WMS).

The Woodland meeting spot is located at the junction of Woodland road and highway 1A just west of Bearspaw and before Lochend Road. There is a side road there (Twp Rd 255) off of Woodland where we'll set up. Ample parking is available along 255 and on Nagway road just to the east off Bearspaw Road. And of course, you could always ride out to the site from Calgary. Please try and spread the parking out so that everybody isn't all parked at the same spot in order to keep things low key with respect to the local population.

View Directions to Twp Rd 262 in a larger map
The course starts just west of Woodland Road and heads west along 1A towards Cochrane. After a few kilometres and just before you start to head down the hill into Cochrane we turn right on to Big Hill Road, around the corner and straight north on Range Road 40. A short time thereafter another right turn onto Twp Road 262 heads you back eastwards towards the finish about a kilometre before you get to Lochend road. It's a short ride back to the start from there.

View Directions to Twp Rd 262 in a larger map
We'll kick things off with a 'regular' TT which basically means bring the aero gear if you got it. Aero bars, aero helmets, discs, wind resistance reducing full body butter applications, whatever make it happen for you. Not required of course and really it just comes down to legs and lungs.

I'll need at least 3 volunteers for this one so bring a friend and I'll put them to work. It's pretty easy work and nothing beats standing out there in the howling wind watching cyclings grind their way forward. As for the weather, we'll play it by ear and I'll update the blog as we go. Showers don't scare me but driving rain, snow, locusts, and whatever else this province produces does.

We'll see you then.


Joel said...

Just confirming... the side bar says WNS starts this Wednesday the 5th.... but your bloc says next Wed the 13th which is a Thursday.... can you clarify?

Spirogeek said...

Wow, thanks for pointing it out. You caught my cut and paste job from last year's post. To confirm, it begins this Wednesday the 5th at Woodland. See ya there.

Spirogeek said...

Thanks for posting the update Trev, I owe you one.

Anonymous said...

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