Tuesday, August 4, 2009

That's a wrap for 2009

Thanks for coming out whether a racer, volunteer, or as one of the legion of fans that we've attracted over the last few months. I hope I've thanked all the volunteers in the write ups and if I missed you, thanks so much, you are the ones that make it all happen. Thanks to the racers for giving us a reason to come out and thanks for providing the entertainment, inspiring us, and making the series what it is.
I miss it already and I'm already thinking of 2010 so if you have any comments, cricisms, advice, or great new ideas please let me know. I'm always looking for new courses, formats, and ways to improve. Given the strength of the response in the last couple of weeks there has been some discussion about adding two or three weeks to the schedule next year and going through the summer. I think that might just work.
Let me know, either through email or just comment and I certainly appreciate anything you have to offer. See you all at the Crankmasters Awards Night or if you don't make that, see you in 2010.

Final Series Standings

Time to crown the deserving......

The As
All Speed Theory, all the time. Well, just about all the time as Speed Theory riders swept the top five places and were regular atendees each and every week. Counting on solid performances and missing just one race, Rick Courtney is our A champ for 2009. Chasing Rick hard was Darryl Parry who made all ten of the weeks and counted on strong consistent rides to make it just about to the top. Hard charging Trev Williams rounded out the top three including a great final week to vault a couple of guys to get there. Lots of guys just behind them and some really encouraging attendance numbers with 31 total As making it out should set up for a great 2010.

The Bs
Mister consistency Mike Healy (Speed Theory) virtually ran away with this one by making all 10 races as well as finishing near the front each and every week. Super job there to stay out in front in the big finale with Brian Beaulieu and Ron Fiell both of Crankmasters chasing hard and ending up second and third overall respectively. All in all there were 24 Bs out this year and some new faces that I hope to see more of next year. Keep the races close, it makes it interesting just to calculate the points nevermind the drama on the road.

The Cs
How close could we make this. Willy Vansevenant (Highwood) grabbed 16 points in the finale but just failed to overtake Crankmaster's Brad Barron who took 12 points to hold on to the title. Congrats Brad and Willy for making is good and entertaining. Crankmaster Mark Perry finished a solid third and I suspect will make it just as intersting next year. Hugely encouraged to see 24 riders out in the C category this year to bring the total to 79 riders throughout the categories.

***There will of course be a chance to stand up, revel in the glory, and recieve an awesome award at the annual Crankmaster's Awards Night so please plan on coming out. I'll post details in the fall so occasionally watch this space.***

Finally .... Results from the Big Show

It took a while for the auditors and of course the drug testing but we finally have the results in hand for our end of series spectacle. Actually, I was off and without my electronic lifelines so other than a case of the shakes and no clue as to what is happening in the world, it's all good.
First of all, congratulations to everybody that took part in the series this year and I hope you all had a great time. It was another successful season and I can't wait to do it again next year.
In our gruelling and fiercly contested finale we had a full compliment of riders in each of our three categories which made for quite a race. Add to that a beasutiful night and prode on the line brought out the best in everyone. It was also very closely contested almost as if orchestrated or planned out in some way. I'll never say but the times are authentic and audited so great job. The A's went to the final TT to determine it all with Alex Shaw handing Trev Williams a little bit of a beat down in the TTs and gained the win while Darryl Parry and Joel Garalski managed to tie for third after three events and over an hour of racing. Better yet, Darren Nielson and Masa Higouchi tied 9 seconds behind them for fifth. The Bs went the distance as well with Mike Harrington stealing it from the always reliable Mike Healy with Ron Fiell and Brian Beaulieu close behind. Huge props to Willy Vansevenant for laying a beating onthe other guys in C finisheing almost three minutes ahead of the very close race for second which went to Brad Barron over Patrick Brick. Way to represent.

Of course, huge thanks again to Don Huber, Mike Hoang, and Sandy Torburn for volunteering and making the whole thing possible. Three races in one evening is amazing so hats off and thanks for the help.
Final standings to follow.....