Thursday, May 13, 2010


49 Hardy souls braved the warm sunny conditions, the clean road surface and the light winds to launch the 2010 Crankmasters Wednesday Night Race Series. Old faces, new faces, keen riders all. Add 1 lazy and out of shape race director and you've got a night of fun and excitement.

The usual suspects showed up near the top of the overall results but some new names in there as well so it should certainly make it interesting as the season progresses. I haven't split it into divisions yet but I'll take a stab at it this week using a combination of these results, last year's results (no excuses), my entirely subjective appraisal, and maybe a little voodoo magic.

But now the good stuff....

My apologies for the various mispelled names, let me know next time and I'll be more than happy to fix them. Props to Mark Perry of Crankmasters for being my volunteer. My one and only volunteer. Just a little prod to get a couple more out if I can and they don't have to be riders, just helpful family, friends, neighbours, accountants, lawyers, parole officers, members of parliament, etc. You get the idea.

As I was out running (shuffling) before the race last night I made a discovery, a most wonderful discovery. I found a crit/circuit race course friendly for all. Actually, a housing development a few hundred metres from the Woodland meeting spot that doesn't actually have any finished houses yet. Two under construction but the guys seemed to have headed off spot on 5. What it does have is a few kilometres of fairly newly paved roads and an absence of cars. We'll rock it next week. Parking will be at the Woodland spot and the race real close. I'll publish the details soon (once I make them up). I'll need something like 4 or 5 volunteers to make it work but hey, easy job and endless praise. What's not to like.

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Bryon Howard said...

Well that was fun.
Thanks for a great night.

I think I'll pass on the white wine with supper next time ... and see if I can't improve my result.

Oh yeah baby ... can't wait til the next one.