Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Aug 15 Final WNS Race Results

We had an excellent turn out for the final ride. We couldn't ask for better weather conditions!

Thanks to Draughters for hosting the "after event' at the Wild Rose Brewery Taproom, and to Crank Masters for the first round!

Also special thanks to the volunteers tonight.

Here are the results:

Organizer: Mike Urquhart

Volunteers: Peter Heinemeyer, Randy Szasz, Willie Van Sevenant, Lorraine (Quinn and Tate)


Karel said...

Hey Andy, I think I cut that pass a little close with that oncoming pickup truck at the beginning. I hope it didn't throw you off your game too much. I misjudged the distances and it ended up being a lot closer than I expected. Probably should have eased up and waited a couple seconds. My apologies.


Jared said...

Thank you very much Mike, Peter, Randy, Willie and Lorraine. Your work out there made for a fun evening for all of us.


Mike U. said...

Thanks everyone for racing and volunteering last night, and for coming to the taproom afterwards. Thanks also to C4, STC and all the riders and volunteers who've made this a great series. Now if only I could beat Ron in a time trial...

Mike Urquhart/Erghart/Urqhart/Erquhart

Peter Heinemeyer said...

Mike...I corrected your name :) Sorry about that.

Cody Godlonton said...

Ditto. A big shout out to the organizers, volunteers and racers for an awesome 15 weeks. Recall now that first TT in Woodlands, gusting wind and snow. Oh, the great white north. Thanks all.


Anonymous said...

Thanks to all who volunteered this year. I've said this before, the WNS series is the most fun racing in town. The races are good but the best part is getting to know the other racers and the opportunity to develop new skills and tactics.
Thanks again.