Monday, May 12, 2008

Everythings looks good for Wednesday

Weather ... check. Course ... check. Riders ... check. Volunteers ... hopefully. We need at least 3 total (including me) to run this thing, another if we want a holder. We'll see what we get. We also need to make sure that everyone is at least a secondary member of Crankmasters and that if they are a secondary member that they do have a primary membership with another club (ABA insurance) or are an independant with the ABA.
On another note, please think about parking in town and using the ride down as a warmup or at the very least, spreading the parking our around the race site. There are a couple of places that we can park in the area and we would like to lessen the load on the residents. Please be mindful and we shouldn't have a problem in their neighbourhood with this race. All it takes is one though and it could go south on us in a hurry.

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Mike "Chewy" said...

Sorry i wasn't aware of the meeting last weekend. I'm planning to come tomorrow night.

Can someone point out where I can park reasonably close to the TT course tomorrow? I've never been to the area at all.