Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Looks Good For Tomorrow - Merckx TT

Going old school. You get to ride like Jens Voigt on a long flier ten minutes in front of the peleton. Actually, Voigt's gear is pretty aero so think of Eddy putting the hammer down and the hurt on. No aerobars, no aero bikes, no aero wheels. Bonus seconds for steel five speed bikes with box rims and downtube shifters. Just you and the wind. Weather looks good at this point and I hope its nice and just a bit windy. We go rain or shine unless conditions would be considered dangerous and I'll post here if that is the case. I should be there on time and we'll start shortly after 7 at the Dunbow Road location. Just a reminder that you need to be at least a secondary Crankmasters member and please continue to spread the parking out, last time was great.

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