Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Road Racers Are Go!

Despite the rather chilly and windy evening, nine brave souls toed the line and rode our inaugural Wednesday Night Series road race. The low numbers and cool weather meant that all riders started together for one lap of our course (approximately 29km)but everyone finished within a few minutes of each other and there was certainly some interesting racing. Enough suspense already, and on to the results...

1. Lachlan Holmes (Speed Theory)
2. Stephen Kenney (Speed Theory)
3. Darcy Gullacher (Bicisport)
4. Jeff Bell (Highwood)
5. Chris Stutz (C4)
6. Richard Vervoort (Highwood)
7. Michael Chui (Speed Theory)
8. Will Vansevenant (Highwood)
9. Lev Krivitsky (Terrascape)

I'll figure out exactly who is an A,B, etc. after a couple of more races and tabulate the series standings then. Next week is an Eddy Merckx TT, and if you're wondering what a Merckx TT is, it means no aerobars, no aero helmet, no aero wheels. Ride like Eddy did. Should be fun. In two weeks we're back for another road race on this course and the A's will ride a couple of laps. Tell your friends, we'd love to see more racers.

1 comment:

Lev said...

Thousand thanks to organizers and volunteers and specially to Will Vansevenant for pulling me around. Next time I will try harder :-)