Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Kickin' It Old School

Kudos to the brave souls who survived tonight's rather beautiful, balmy, and almost windless evening. But they did it Merckx style and stylin' they were. Big Congratulations to Rob Onodera who completely played the part including toe clips, a leather helmet, and the full vintage ride. Also notable was Stephen "The Big Baguette" Kenney for bringing a little Europe to the race. Anyway, on to the details. The course was a little long (maybe 400m) but that's racing. Big, big thanks to Jeff Bell of Highwood for skipping the race to volunteer. We need to get out at least a couple of volunteers to each race and I hope to not have to take riders for it but we'll see how it works. We'll need a few to help out next week with the road race. Anyway, the results....

1 Stephen Kenney Speed Theory 24:50
2 Cody Godlonton Highwood 24:57
3 Darcy Jones Highwood 25:58
4 Masa Higuchi C4/Bicisport 26:15
5 Richard VervoortHighwood 26:36
6 Lev Krivitsky Terrascape 26:44
7 Tamara Salomon Ind 26:50
8 Paul Anderson Speed Theory 26:50
9 Jacek Kasprzyk C4 27:16
10 Darcy Gullacher Bicisport 27:16
11 Carolyn Soules C4 27:24
12 Peter HockenhullPeleton/C4 27:36
13 Mark Perry C4 27:37
14 Willy VansevenantHighwood 27:41
15 Robert ArmstrongC4 27:51
16 Keith Anderson Highwood 28:00
17 Brian Beaulieu C4 28:20
18 Shari Boyle C4 28:32
19 Wes Zaniecki C4 29:04
20 Sandra Yaworski Speed Theory 29:52
21 David MorgantiniC4 29:58
22 Rob Onodera C4 33:27

Good ride and closer times than I anticipated. Good job. Mark Perry will be handling duties next week for the road race at the Priddis meeting spot and I'll return in two weeks also at the Priddis meeting spot for the 2x10km time trial evening. Over and out.

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Shari said...

I want to personally thank Jeff for going to the turnaround to help out- that was really generous of him, considering he was going to race.