Thursday, May 15, 2008

First night perfect!

Thanks a ton for showing up. A great start to our inaugural Wednesday Night Racing Series. Conditions were good and challenging with a strong west wind facing riders on the return. Other than a little mess where there is some side road construction the course looked in good shape and the riders in great shape. Good job spreading the parking out and other than a nut in a SUV there weren't any problems. I'm pumped for the rest of the series and I'm not even racing. Big props to Randy Szasz, Rob Onodera, and (I wish I could remember your name finihs line girl, please someone tell me...) for the volunteer help.
There was a tight race for the top and overall, everyone was on it. C4's Ryan Barr takes the honours by seconds, followed by Speedtheory's Steve Kenney. Ageless Lev Krivitsky rode to a close third place. Kudos to Willy from Highwood for finishing after what I hear was a flat tire. Anyway, good job all and now for the important stuff though, the results...

1 Ryan Barr 22:59
2 Stephen Kenney 23:05
3 Lev Krivitsky 23:36
4 Lachlan Holmes 24:33
5 Jacek Kasprzyk 24:39
6 Jeff Bell 25:08
7 Robert Armstrong 25:29
8 Mark Perry 25:34
9 Michael Chan 25:45
10 Wes Zaniecki 26:08
11 Carolyn Soules 26:10
12 Keith Anderon 27:02
13 Charles Irwin 27:36
14 Jane McCurdy 28:53
15 Brad Barron 29:09
16 David Morgantini 29:21
17 Willy Vansevenant 41:16

Not 100% sure the distance was correct as it was done with my minivan, so if anyone can let me know what their computers tell them then I'll calculate some speeds. I hope it was fairly close. Anyway, thanks again for coming out and we'll look forward to seeing you next time.

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Lev said...

Christine Smith of Bici worked the finish line.

Thanks a lot to all volunteers and orgnazers.

The Wed night races is a great idea!