Monday, August 15, 2011

Up to date with the update....

Well, A few things to catch up on...Firstly, we've reviewed the finish line tape from the crit and congrats to the winners in each category. Cody won A with Carlos and Karel on the virtual podium. Cat B was Callum taking it from Clarence and Ron (Callum's looking A'ish these days). C was A battle of the veterans as Lewis took it over Willy and Brad. Thanks to Tom and ST for putting it on.
The following week, our record attempt at the Woodland course was derailed by the three horsemen of racing in Alberta. Road Construction, weather, and low turnout. Thanks to everybody that did make it, sorry we couldn't run something fun.
Lastly, I've updated the series 3 standing and I'll have something out about our finale later today. We're going to do ye olde mini stage race out of the Priddis meeting spot again.


lewisgitelman said...

I'll bring one of my boyz to volunteer

Spirogeek said...

That would be awesome. Appreciate it.