Monday, August 8, 2011

Who is captain of the ship this week?

I don't know if Jami is back but if he is not I will host the Wednesday night special on the Woodland TT course. Below is the blurb from our kick-off race of the season. Try to take a minute off your May time!

This week is a 16km ITT on the NW Woodland course (Highway 1A and Woodland Road). The first rider will start at 6:30 PM. This will be a full aero TT. Feel free to use your TT/Tri bike, aero wheels & helmets, skin suits, shoe covers and any non-UCI compliant bike components. The course is mainly flat with a couple of rollers near the end to keep you interested and a brief downhill in the middle. I can use a few volunteers to help with this race.

Some parking is available at Woodland Road. Parking is also available at Bearspaw road and at the Lions Club (Farmers Market) on Nagway Road.


Spirogeek said...

I'm back baby. Despite Air Canada's best efforts, I've just returned from the land of dreams (Ontario). While I've yet to stop sweating, I'm good to go on Wednesday. I could use a couple of helpers but I can run the clocks so bring your bike Mike, it's record breaking time.

Anonymous said...

Ok. It's all yours.