Monday, August 8, 2011

...Your Mission...

...should you choose to accept it, is to rock the world this Wednesday. We're talking about a land speed record attempt. Or more specifically the complete obliteration of the year old course records on our venerable Woodlands TT course. Full on TT gear approved, all the free speed you can buy. Hey shave your arms, shave your head, shave evererything, saran wrap yourself if you think that'll work, I won't judge. What I will do is time the thing. Our targets are Mr Jared Green (Cat A) at 22:00, Sir Tom Kenney (Cat B) at 23:38, and the dastardly (and fast Cat C) The Right Honourable Brad Barron at 25:48. Hoo rah. I could use of course a volunteer or two and I'll try to reward everyone with sunshine and calm winds. Like Mike said, 6:30, Woodland course, this Wednesday, anything goes. Well, almost anything, leave the Gruber assists at home.

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