Friday, July 17, 2009

Race Report - Millarville Team RR

We had a great night of team racing this Wednesday.

22 riders toed the start line… and 23 ended up finishing. No, we didn’t clone anyone out on the course. More about that later...

The riders were divided into three teams of seven or eight members with the objective of getting four of their teammates across the line first to claim glory. Team Blue was led by Trev’ Williams, Team Green by Darryl Parry and Team Orange by Rick Courtney.

The teams stayed together for most of the first lap, splitting into two groups on the climbs leading back towards Plummer’s Road.

Group One contained 15 riders, five strategically split from each team. Group Two included several experienced riders including Rick Courtney, Willy Van Sevenant and Lachlan Holmes (rider #23, joined late just as the groups split) who set a sizzling pace for their teammates and still managed to hold everyone together throughout most of the second lap.

At the finish, Team Orange dominated sending a cohesive group of four across the line (Stephen Kenney, Clark Ellis, Rob Lukacs and Joel Souchette). The rest of the field mixed it up and Team Blue got their four guys in next to claim second place.

Congratulations to all. No crashes, flats, mechanicals or other drama and everyone finished both laps.

Huge thanks to volunteers Mark Shand and Don Huber for keeping everyone on course and safe around the corners.

Don has posted some nice photos and cool video of the race on his website. Check it out:

Final Results

Team Orange – First Place
Rick Courtney - ST
Brad Barron - C4
Kailee Boyle - ST
Clark Ellis - ST
Darcy Gullacher - ST
Stephen Kenney - ST
Rob Lukacs - ST
Joel Souchette - ST

Team Blue – Second Place
Trev Williams - ST
Mike Harrington - C4
Mike Healy - ST
Jason Koleba - C4
Andrew Paul - Ind
Darcy Reynard - ERTC
Dan Sigouin - ST

Team Green – Third Place
Darryl Parry - ST
Jeff Bell - HW
Cody Godlonton - HW
Mike Hoang - ST
Kyle Marcotte - ST
Clarence Poon - C4
Willy Vansevenant – HW

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poonworks said...

one word: ooooouchhhh !
avg speed on my computer: just under 40km/h.
too fast for this 43yr old with little training miles!
oh well, thanks to ST for puttin' on the hurt once again.
where were the other crankmasters??