Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Volunteers - Millarville RR

The weather looks perfect and we've got an awesome format for our race this Wednesday night!

Depending on how many racers we get out we'll designate the fastest three or four hammerheads as team leaders. The leaders don't count in the results but the next three racers from each team will. Teamwork and strategy will rule the roads.

We could use a couple volunteers to man corners, especially where RR33 joins Plummer's Road so if you're racing and can bring a friend, please do. If you used it all up at the Stampede Road Race on the weekend please consider coming out to cheer or heckle and to help keep everyone safe.



Mark said...

Hey Brian, I don't mind being a volunteer tomorrow night. It means that I have some more time to get back into shape after a three week hiatus from racing.

Don Huber said...

Hi Brian
I plan on coming out to volunteer. I think a couple of my Highwood teammates will also be there to race.

Sagewood said...

Mark and Don - That's awesome. See you tonight at the meeting spot.


Don Huber said...

For some Pics & Video of the July 15th race go to.