Sunday, July 12, 2009

Team Racing is back.... the Priddis meeting spot, Wednesday, July 15th, 6:30pm. Brian Beaulieu qill be your host for the evening as on the menu is one of our favourite events, the team RR. A chance for the hammerheads to work at protecting and managing your team and a chance for everybody to concentrate on working together. We'll meet at the Priddis meeting spot and utilize our Millarville course for the first time this year. The Priddis meeting spot is at the corner of highways 22 and 22X.

View Priddis Meeting Spot (PMS) in a larger map

As for the course, we'll form up at the meeting spot and once started everyone heads south along 22 to the Millarville turnoff (549) where we go west until ***** road. North along Range Road 33 to Plummers road where we turn eastwards, drift north, and finally eastward again to 22 where we start another lap. The race will finish along Plummer's Road just before you get back to 22 the second time. Its a nice easy cool down ride back to the meeting spot.

View Priddis Meeting Spot (PMS) in a larger map

Should be fun.


poonworks said...

is this a fairly hilly course or mainly flat?

Spirogeek said...

Fairly flat with a long gentle rise on the back side and a short quick uphill near the finish. Not bad at all:)