Thursday, July 23, 2009

Identified Speeding Objects seen at Woodland Road

Wheeeee, that was a quick one. No complaints about sonic booms and it was tough to see the riders for their speed induced blurriness but it was an impressive displace of 'making bike go fast now'. Line honours went to Trev Williams but as he was in full aero gear getting ready for the Calgary 70.3 so I had to consult the Slowtwitch brain trust to properly handicap his time. Consensus was that his aeroness saved him 10minutes and 30sec but the beard lost hime 30sec so I added 10minutes to his time giving the win to Alex Shaw. Everyone was quick though and the results speak to how close you riders are, it was really competitive. Anyway, the results....

Huge props to our glorious volunteers for the evening including Phil and Cindy Grant, Scott Gibson-Craig, Mike Harrington, Sandra Braden, Brad Barron, and Brian Beaulieu. It wouldn't have worked without you.

I've updated the standings going into out last week, next Wednesday, which I have preliminarily titled 'The Amazing Race of Awesomeness' for all the marbles. We'll run our micro stage race with a prologue TT, a Road Race, and finally an ITT. All of it at the Priddis Meeting Spot and hopefully we can start real close to 6:30 so that we can fit it all in. Details to come and remember, there are bonus points on the line for this one. I'll need a few volunteers to run it efficiently so bring a friend or come out yourself and be a part of it. I'm really looking forward to it.


Kailee said...

Thanks to all the volunteers! It was a fun night!!


Spirogeek said...

Congrats to you too Kailee, you put in a heck of a ride.