Monday, August 4, 2008

Results From Week 12: The Big Easy

Easy it wasn't. I've finally tallied the scores into my spreadsheet and have them for all the world to see....

1 Trev Williams Speed Theory A 1:01:30
2 Rod MacAlister Speed Theory A +0:23
3 Alex Shaw Speed TheoryA +0:52
4 Lachlan Holmes Speed Theory A +1:09
5 Jeff Bell Highwood A +6:17
6 Darcy Gullacher Bicisport A +7:31
7 Patrick Brick C4 B +8:50
8 Brian Beaulieu C4 B +9:43
9 David Morgantini C4 C +11:57
10 Carolyn Soules C4 B +13:45
11 Robert Armstrong C4 B +13:52
DNF Stephen Kenney Speed Theory A
DNF Norm Smith C4 C
V Lev Krivitsky Terrascape A

And that's all she wrote. I'll update the final standings tonight. Thanks again to everyone who came out and especially to our volunteers for the evening. You guys are the ones that makes it happen.

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