Monday, July 19, 2010

Speed Theory is presenting the fun this week... (UPDATE)

Next Wednesday we will do a 3 or 4 up TTT. Harley, Simon and I tested the course on Saturday and it will make you suffer. Nothing like a few good hills when you are trying to hang on to your team. If enough people show up we will do a four person team with the third person's time counting but otherwise a three person team.


I noticed that the race is being run close to my office. If people want to park at my office. This may make people in the area happier because cars won’t be parked along the side of the road.

My company:

Rocky Mountain Aircraft

129 MacLaurin Drive

Springbank Airport

It is the first building on the left just after you turn into the airport. The name is on the front of the building with several orange aircraft parked on the south side. Parking is on the north side of the building.

Andy Hill

To get there, go towards Springbank airport but turn north a mile or two before the airport on Range Road 32, aka Springbank Heights Road. About a km up you will see a new development on the left called Aventerra Estates. There's lots of parking there, that's also the start and finish.

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I will need a few volunteers to run this safely, please leave a comment if you can volunteer. Bring any bike you like, because of the hills a road bike might work best. Try to be there for a 6:30 PM start.

Who has the Crankmasters stopwatches? I'll need them for the race.


Anonymous said...

I still need a few volunteers if anyone can help. Thanks.

Mark said...

I have the stopwatches and will be bringing them.