Thursday, May 16, 2013

Series 1 Week 3 - Springbank Team TT - May 22, 2013 6:30PM

The plan for this week is to pair two people from each group (A's, B's C's) who will race together as a team. Teams must finish together and both will receive that time.  You can either select a partner or we'll pair you up with someone. Bring your aero gear if you want.

You can race with someone in a different category but you will be placed in the higher category. If you want to race solo, that's alright too, just show up and we'll start you.

Sign up will be at Springbank High School and Recreation Centre where there is plenty of parking.
Start time at 6:30 PM, one minute intervals.

The route will start south from the Springbank Meeting spot (A) to towards the treacherous speed bumps of Mountain River Estates where we'll reverse course and head back North. A quick right on Springbank Road up to the Chicken Ranch where we'll head yet again south on range road 32 (B)  towards the end of the road (D). At the circle, come about again and set course for Lower Springbank Road (E) where you'll turn to right yet again and make for Range Road 31(F). One last foray south on 31 where we'll turn around again(G), and the finish north along 31 (H).  Total distance is around 15KM.

As usual, we'll need a few volunteers for the this course as there are many turns and corners.  Sign up here!


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Reinier Paauwe said...

Is this a Rain-or-shine event, or will a decision be made to cancel/postpone this race at some point this afternoon?

Peter Heinemeyer said...

According to the local forecast, satellite and radar images, there is a high probability of heavy rain and wind gusts of 48km/h tonight. Satellite images shows a massive rain cloud at about the time of our race.

Therefore, tonight's race is CANCELLED!