Monday, August 25, 2014

Sprints - Updated

So our launch pad in Lower Springbank is literally covered in mud from the home construction out there so we need an alternative venue for the sprints. For a while now I have been considering the quiet roads within Curry Barracks for some racing and one of the roads there is good for the sprints. Hochwald Avenue, as shown on the map, is deserted in the evenings, except of course for the odd visit by the security guards that patrol the barracks. I propose we go ahead and have a low key evening of sprints in the barracks.

The Wild Rose Brewery is literally 3 blocks away and it is probably one of the good places to park. The less attention we draw the better so please park there or at least not within the Barracks, maybe use the near by housing development as well for parking, or just ride!

Let's start promptly at 6:30 PM so show up good and early so we can get fair pairings drawn up for the sprints. Ernie is working on a template for us. You will not be eliminated in the first sprint, you will have a few chances to advance.

I believe there is a section of the Wild Rose Brewery reserved for us and remember, don't drink, ride or drive. Any combination of those activities would not be good for you.

The pavement is a bit rough, the sprint stretch is on a decent little up-hill and we will have enough volunteers to make sure any stray cars are stopped for you. The only thing I can't predict is what the security guy will do.

Here is the map:

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Ken Erdman said...

Mike: I can volunteer tomorrow night as a Marshall. Had a crash Saturday on Grand Valley Rd,;a broken collarbone and concussion -can still point directions with my good arm.
Ken Erdman