Wednesday, September 3, 2014

2014 WNS Results are in!

Results are in for the 2014 WNS Series!

Prizes will be awarded at the Crankmasters Social Event planned for February 2015.

Series 1
Series 2
Series 3
Final Results


Ian Parker said...

Peter and the Crank-Masters Team

Just wanted to indicate my appreciation for what you have been organizing and the opportunity I had to participate. It was GREAT.
Unfortunately I will be relocating to the Wet Coast before the end of the year and will miss out on next season.
Thanks again for the competition, without which I would have missed a whole bunch of first-times, first TTT, Crit, RR and others.
Ian Parker

Willy Van Sevenant said...

Hi Peter, Just want to let you know that Im showing up in series 3 as 3 different riders.
Also want to say Thank's for all the work you put into the WNS. Posting the rides and then keeping the stats is what has made this such a popular cycling venue to be a part of.
Many Thanks, Willy

Peter Heinemeyer said...

Hi Willie. You weren't the only one. I fixed several names that were incorrectly spelled.

Results are all fixed.


Karel said...

Looks like I'm still listed as 2 people for series 3 and overall :)

Peter Heinemeyer said...

Yeah, that's because I spelled Peloton wrong on one entry. The query took it as a separate entry. I means there is no tie for first in Series 2. you're first now. ...And, it doesn't change the final standings. You're still second place.

Thanks for pointing that out Karel.