Sunday, June 14, 2015

Individual 20k Time Trial - Do Over

Tues June 23- Update- I rode the course last night and noticed a couple of noteworthy changes.
There is quite a bit of gravel on the pavement which intersects with gravel roads. I will try to get things swept up a bit but be aware. Also approx. 300m from the finish line there are a number of construction signs along the side of road but no actual construction. Let's hope that doesn't change. Also, created a couple of Strava Segments for those interested.

Let's try Conrich, Alberta again. The weather forecast looks fabulous for this Wednesday so we should be a go. The course can be found in many ways. You can access from the ring road (Stoney Trial) or head East on 16ave to Range Rd 284 or you can take McKnight east. The choice is yours.

We should all fit in the parking lot at the Khalsa School Calgary 245228 Conrich Roadschool
There is also an alley beside the school that can used for parking.

The road north of the four way stop in Conrich makes for a great warm up stretch.
However, one thing to keep  in mind are the train tracks that you will need to cross to get to the start line.
The only thing between you and your start time is a train! Eyes open for trains.

I'll be at the start line for sign on around 5:15-530pm
First rider leaves at 6:45pm
This will give folks a little extra time to find the place and get a good warm up.
This is a 20km out and back time trial.
At the 10.2km mark there is a turn around. We should have a cone and volunteer marking the spot.
You will ride over a little bridge that has a small gap between it and the road but nothing to be overly concerned about. Just heads up.
There are a couple of rollers on this course and it should be fast.
Release your inner speed demon. Click here to volunteer. Please follow @WNSrace on twitter.

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