Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Welcome to 2010: Odyssey Two ... er ... Three

The cenutry's greatest story continues staring Heywood Floyd ... wait, skip that.

Hello all. First off, apologies for my tardiness in getting anything out there. My crack team and I have been beavering away for literally minutes now getting the details together for the 2010 version of the Wednesday Night Race Series. First off I would like to counter the rumour put forth by the UCI that fair, fun and open racing was to be banned in 2010 across the globe in favour of contrived, pedestrian, and boring racing. This is not the case. We'll be back, bigger and better than ever with new events, new courses, a tweak or two to the format and something for everybody.

Changes for 2010:

1. Entire series will run 15 weeks of racing this year.
2. The racing will de divided into 3 five week miniseries with points and champs each time.
3. New courses and formats if we can make them up and find the locations.
4. New category for the super green with some instruction, a shorter course, and lots of feedback.

Mark April 28th on your calender as our kickoff meeting. We'll comandeer an area at Shouldice and lay out the info and whatnot for the year. As an organizational element we still need people to be at least secondary members of C4 which gives you access to Crankmasters, the WNS, and all the other races that we put on for a nominal fee. See the Crankmasters website for details (http://www.calgarycycling.com/). Please feel free to email me with any ideas, suggestions, comments and criticisms any time, I can take it.

Open the pod bay doors HAL.

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Dan Sigouin said...

I'm pumped to get back into the series this year.
Call me crazy but these races were way more fun then the ABA races! I had a great time and it was cool to work with team mates and tactics in a somewhat controlled and "Fun" race.

Let's get it on!