Thursday, August 15, 2013

Series 3 / Week 5 - Aug 14, 2013 - RESULTS

It's been a fun ride the past 15 weeks, but sadly, WNS must end.  A big thanks to all the volunteers, sponsors and organizers for a very successful 2013 WNS.

I'm sure you're all waiting for these results.  See you all next year!

Race Organizer: Gavin Creighton (Team Niklas)

***NOTE: The results were updated***

Thanks to tonight's volunteers: Carlos Bonita, Kara Heinemeyer, Karel Burgman, Sue Hill, Mike Pearson, Gavin Creighton....and me.
One last thing...I will post the Series and Series Final results soon.  Stay tuned! 


Callum said...

Hi Peter,

Thanks again for all your hard work over the summer.

I have one question, and two ammendments.

First, do the B's and C's not get their own points? In particular, the C's only got 3 points each, even though they ran their own race?

Ammendments are:

Stephen Kenny raced with the A/B group, not the C's.

I won the A/B road race. I was collapsed at the side of the road after the sprint so I presume that's why I didn't get my name down, my mistake! :)



Ferenc said...

I testify Callum won the RR, I finished second behind him.

Stephen Kenny should race A, not B as we all know :-) You too Callum and of course Mike as well although he has not fully recovered yet from his crash, I understand that...

Would be great to have Series Results this time and maybe even Grand Totals. Let me know, Peter if you need a hand with that. Now that the season is over I might find time to browse and sum results.

Thanks for doing this all season long Crankmasters, SpeedTheory and Niklas - and all volunteers!

Peter Heinemeyer said...

I will fix this tonight Callum. Thanks for the correction. Sometimes it's hard to see who finished when a mass of bikes fly in!

As for points, yes, I will correct that too.

Peter Heinemeyer said...


I have the results in a database, no need to sum it all up.

Thanks, Peter

ECosman said...

Thank you for all your work. It was a great season!

Kenny may have started with the C's, but he quickly caught and passed all the A's and B's - hmmmmm