Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Series 3 / Week 5 - GRANDE FINALE - August 14, 2013

THIS IS THE END. As many of you are already tricking out your CX bikes, preparing to shred some gnar this fall, the road racing season is all but over in these parts. However this Wednesday night, you get one more chance to lay a serious smackdown on your fellow WNS competitors...one more chance to see if you can actually go hard enough to make someone else puke...this WNS race is the finale and it's gonna be a wicked showdown and a killer workout! Below are the details to this epic bike tournament...

The Challenge:
Following a popular format from a couple seasons ago we're bringing back a single day stage race which we affectionately refer to as the "WNS Grande Finale Super Fun Time One Day Stage Race!" or "WNSGFSFTODSR" for short. This is a 3 stage event, and will take big "cojones" to complete, so obviously extra chamois cream is recommended. 

Stage 1: 5km ITT Warm Up.
We start at the usual WNS south location of Hwy 22x and Hwy 22 South. We then head East on 22x towards the mountain top finish... ok it’s more of a roller than a mountain but well worth shaking the legs out as you make your way down and back to the start for stage 2 - the Road Race.

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Stage 2: Millarville Road Race.
Everyone loves this one. Familiar to all you seasoned WNS aficionados, this is the 30km Millarville loop. The race starts by heading South on 22x, for some long distance only your Garmin really knows, then the road slowly veers West, giving you ample time to prepare for that late attack where you drop the hammer on Coalmine Rd W at 22x.

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Stage 3: 10km ITT Decider. 
This is where you wrap it all with a bow. It's simple. Head South on 22x 5km from the RR finish to find the start. This is it, loving it all the way north to 22x again; at which point you know you have done it! Another WNS Season in the bag!

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Our champion is the rider with lowest cumulative time over the three stages. We fully expect him/her to roll in to work on Thursday with a resignation letter for their boss, as they're probably "going pro" next year :)

Race Start:
We're starting slightly earlier this time, so show up by 6:15PM so we can get you all registered and ready to roll. First rider heads off at 6:30pm 6:30pm

Park at the corner of Hwy 22x and Hwy 22. 

Our friends, and masterminds of the WNS, from Crankmasters have offered to buy a round of drinks for all racers/volunteers who turn up at the post race shindig at Wild Rose Brewery. 

Building AF23
#2, 4580 Quesnay Wood Drive SW

As always we'll go over the finer details just before the races start, but if you have questions feel free to post them in the comments section.

See you at the start line!

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