Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Race Cancelled - Priddis Road Race

We're going to have to pull the plug for the race tonight.  The weather is too unpredictable and its not looking good in the Priddis area in the next few hours.  Its better to be safe than sorry.

Next week we're having a Criterium in the west.  Same course as a couple years ago if you did that one.  We might revisit this course in our last week.


Anonymous said...

Would it be possible to get a go-no go a bit earlier?
Some of us are driving out there from far away, might not make it in time for the start.


Jeff M. said...

It is hailing over Kensington area currently. Just NW side of downtown.

Callum said...

There is also a big thunderstorm SW of the City right now, headed for Priddis/Calgary at 10-15 km/h. I've been watching it from my SW facing window downtown all afternoon.

It doesn't look great. I would say there is a chance that it blows through and clears up just in time to race, but any who shows up at 6 will probably be hiding in their cars waiting for that to happen.

The real problem is the local radar is out. Although I have a great view that way, I can't actually see what is behind the storm. Could be clear skies, or it could be more rain.

Callum said...

Also for any who missed it, there was a tornado spotted east of Calgary 30 minutes ago. It was headed away, but these are definitely severe storms.

Brent said...

There is another radar source that covers the city, its run by WMI. WMI is the group that is hired to seed the clouds.

The latest version of the radar is found here:

the numbers are the possibility of hail hitting the ground. 10/10 lots of hail.