Wednesday, May 4, 2011

And now the results... (updated-again)

We had close to a record number of people for the first race of the season. The riders were treated to decent weather and challenging winds.
Trev, Thomas and Dennis all from Speed Theory had the fastest times of the night. Karel, Callum and Brian were the fasted Crankmasters.

Please email me at if you find any errors in the results. Thanks to Trev for providing a couple of missing finishing times. I will be breaking down the results into A, B and C groups in the next couple of days.

Thank you to Glenn and Clarence for volunteering this evening.

Next week will be a road race starting at the Priddis Meeting Place (Highway 22 and 22x) SW of Calgary. Several volunteers will be required for this event.


Callum said...

Callum's start number was 43, not 41, so add 1 minute to my time please!

Mark said...

Callum, thanks for the clarification, I updated the results. You were the second fastest Crankmaster so still finished in the top three C4 members.

Thomas said...

Thanks to the volunteers. Another successful WNS season opener! Thanks C4.