Friday, May 13, 2011

Record Turnout for first WNS Road Race of the season

The first 20C plus day in Calgary brought out 65 riders for the first road race of the season.

Unfortunately we had one rider crash. The injured rider driven home by race volunteers later checked out at hospital and expects to resume riding within a few days. Due to the crash in the B group this race was neutralized since some riders stopped to assist. All riders who were behind the crash will receive the same finish time and order.

It was very difficult keeping track of the finish order since there were so many riders and people from a couple of groups were mixed together. If this attendance continues we'll have to try something different at the finish line. We seemed to miss the information for a few people at the finish line. For some reason not everyone was on the start list. If you can fill in any information or find errors in the results please email me at

Thanks again to the volunteers, without them this race wouldn’t be possible.

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Thomas said...

As always, thanks to all the volunteers and C4 for organizing.