Sunday, May 22, 2011

Week 4: Team Road Race (39km)

For week four of the 2011 Wednesday Night Series we will return to the Priddis meeting spot at the corner of Highways 22 and 22X. This is the same place we met two weeks ago for the road race. The course will be quite different, we will start on highway 22x (Spruce Meadows Trail) and ride East to 37th Street (Highway 773) and turn South. At Township road 221 (still Highway 773) turn right. Continue West on Township road 221 until it bends left and turns into Rand Road 21A. Stay on this road for several bends and it will turn to Township road 214. When you reach highway 22 turn right and head north for approximately 7km to the finish line at the observatory just before the parking lot.

The race format will be the ever popular team race. In this, we divide the riders into a fairly evenly mixed few teams and assign them the task of getting the bulk of their team over the line before the other teams. In other words, it's not which team can get one rider over first but rather who can get the rest of their riders over before the other teams. We've run these before and they have proven quite popular and a great exercise in working together, communication, and tactics as the teams work amongst themselves and against the other teams. We'll set the number of riders on a team and the number of teams once we get an idea of the total number of riders that we'll have out for the evening. This is a race for everyone, regardless of ability, and a great experience. This is good opportunity for experienced racers to work on their race strategy and novice racers to learn about race strategy.

If everyone can register by 6:30. I'll split everyone into teams and we should be able to start the race around 6:40.

As always, we can use a few volunteers for this event to help at the corners and at the finish line.

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David said...

Have fun! I'll miss this race.