Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Mini Giro Race Report

I thought all crazy Italian drivers owned little Fiats and Alfa Romeos. Not a single little car showed up tonight, instead they all brought out their dual wheel F350, Ram Turbo Cummins somethings and proceeded to scare us all anyway, just like you would expect. An excellent night of racing and a cougar sighting. Here are the provisional results. Sorry to hear one rider missed a turn and did some extra distance.

A Group
1. Mike Chopchitz 58:10
2. Karl Bergman 59:18
3. Marc Enter 59:20
4. Mike Waldhuber 1:00:22
5. Rob Walsh 1:01:36
6. Cody Godlonton
7. Harley Borlee
8. Michael Scheck
9. Andrew Paul
10. Rick Courtney
11. Reinier Paauwe
12. Alan Oickle
13. Evan Bayer (1 long lap)
14. Thomas Yip (1 lap)

B Group
1. Corey Davis 1:03:00
2.  Walter Loeppky 1:03:30
3. Tom Kenny st
4. Peter Doig 1:06:45
5. Paul Connelly
6. Mike Urquhart
7. Carl Lapointe
8. Ron Feill
9. Jay Rankin
10. Keith Ingstrup
11. Daryl Beatty

C Group
1. John Banister 32:15
2. Justin Siemens
3. Andres Perdomo
4. Rod Schuhart
5. Louis Gitelman
6. Dan Alboiu
7. Ernie Cosman
8. Andy Hill
9. Willie VanSevenant
10. Shelly Bender
11. Dawn Heinemeyer
12. David Baker

Excellent Volunteers
Lesley Matthews
Steve Pickett
Simon Forman
Peter Heinemayer
Rob Stagg
Connie Choi


Thomas said...

Thanks Mike and volunteers for organizing.

Anonymous said...

That's a good course Mike, lots-o-suffering. thanks

AlanO said...

Great course Mike. Thanks to you and the volunteers. Got the extra treat of seeing a cougar on the road as well.

Rick C said...

I saw a fox - but not quite the same I guess...