Thursday, June 7, 2012

Week 5 results

That concludes the first block of the 2012 WNS. I hope to have the final standings posted Friday evening.
Trev and Mike and others from Speed Theory will be organizing the second five week block of races.

I'll see you in the pack (or chasing it) for the next set of races.

Week 5 results


Trev said...

Thank you very much for that series Mark !!

Rick C said...

Amazing turnout on a cold and windy night. Thanks C4

Lampros Antoniou said...

Just want to point out I think you have my timing wrong. Its great to see my name in second place for cat B
but i dont think that was my time. I think it should be 54:15 not 51:15.
So start number 44, start time 22, finnish time 54:15.