Friday, May 23, 2014

Series 1 Week 2 - Millarville Road Race

Were off to a great start weather wise.  Let's hope it holds. One last thing about WNS and safety.  Safety comes before performance. WNS is really meant for fun and a place to learn, not necessarily to win. Stay right, no drifting towards the center line please!  Lets all promote safe cycling.

This week we'll meet, signup and start at highway 22 and 22X for a road race.  Registration starts at 6:00PM.  The race starts at 6:30 sharp!, so leave work early so you have enough time to get there!

This will be a mass start race per category.

Cat A mens will start followed by cat B, then C.  Womens B and C will start together, but will be awarded points based on time/category.  If there is a peloton of racers at the finish line, afterwards please circle back and let the timekeeper know who placed where.  It's sometimes difficult to catch all riders numbers as they pile to the finish.

The course is 30K, and we'll start on the quiet section of highway 22 just south of 22X.  It's straight towards Millarville, then right on highway 549 followed by another right on Range Road 33. One last right turn on the beautiful Plumbers Road where you'll wind up some rollers, and sprint to the finish.  Keep to the right riders!

I'll need at least 5 volunteers for this one!  please click here to volunteer.

Next race will be a TTT at the west end Springbank.


Meghan B said...
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Meghan B said...

150Hi Peter! I'll preface this by saying I'm not sure if I can make it Wednesday, nonetheless I don't think the women's field is big enough to have a separate start. I can see that quickly turning into a TT for both the weaker and stronger riders. Why not have the women race with the men (in either B or C as they chose) and rank them separately? At least that way there is a bigger field to race with. I don't mean to speak for all the ladies but the ones I've chatted with are in agreement. Plus racing with the gents is fun! Ladies, please feel free to chime in here.

Meghan Brown

Peter Heinemeyer said...

Good suggestion Meghan.

Gary said...

Hi Peter,

Pardon my rookie ignorance, but: do we go rain or shine? The forecast for tomorrow isn't the best.



mikehealy said...

just normal steady rain should not cause cancellation. heavy rain and risk of thunder and lightning will result in cancellation. however Peter is calling the shots so let's keep an eye on the blog.

Willy Van Sevenant said...

Hi Peter, I'd like to 2ed Meghan,s proposal, I think if the woman were put in with the Cat C group with a ruling made to keep it together until the turn into Millerville, it would give the woman and beginner riders a chance to ride in a peloton. after that turn team/individual race tactics could be put into play to determine a winner, Im more than willing to act as a referee and forgo a placing to make this happen during the road races, I believe that this would help to create better riders as they get involved in more competitive events. We came discuss it on the line this afternoon.

JennyT said...

I like both Meghan's and Willy's ideas.

I'm not a strong rider and for this race last year I had to spend it riding solo for 29k.

Hopefully this year I can knock my solo km's down!