Wednesday, May 7, 2014

WNS 2014 Starts May 21st!

Are you avid cyclists tired of our relentless long winter and ready for 2014 season of WNS?

We have another 15 weeks planned, and it all starts on Wednesday May 21st. We'll start with Crankmasters hosting for the first series, Team Niklas for Series 2 and Speed Theory finishing off the series. We'll have small prizes throughout the series, and of course the final awards and prizes at a hosted event.

Our first ride will be at the Woodlands course, however due to safety concerns we will start at a different location.  We promise to do a better job posting the ride information at least two days prior to Wednesday.

WNS is a fun way to learn how to race, and they are meant for all levels. Yes, we award points, same as last year, but now we have a separate score for Women's B and C riders. No longer are you ladies mixed in with the men's scoring. We're hoping that will encourage more women racers!

There are no race fees but you must be a primary or secondary member of Crankmasters.


We always need corner marshals, time-keepers, starters, and sometimes sweepers!  Please sign up here. You'll earn 5 extra points for volunteering or bringing a volunteer.

Remember to watch this blog prior to each race as it can be cancelled due to weather.

See you all on Wednesdays!

Peter Heinemeyer

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