Saturday, May 31, 2014

Series 1 Week 3 - June 4 Springbank Team Time Trial

This week will be in Springbank at the west end.  This will be a team time trial in pairs.  This is a great opportunity to practice your drafting!  You can pick your own partner, but if you're riding with someone in a different category, you'll be riding in a higher category.

Signup is at 6:00PM at the Springbank Community High School/Arena. First riders start at 6:30PM.

The course starts eastbound on Springbank Road heading back towards Calgary. A right turn not that far along onto Range Road 32 takes you due South all the way past Lower Springbank Road to a big turnaround at the end of the road as you approach the river. Back up Range Road 32 to Springbank Road and a right turn taking you east again towards Calgary. You then turn right on Horizon View Road to Lower Springbank Road where you turn right and head out west along Lower Springbank. Finally, a turn north on to Range Road 32 again and the finish along 32 a short time later.  Total distance is approximately 17km.

The course should be self-explanatory.  We should have at least four to five volunteers for the corners.  Click here to volunteer!  Remember 5 extra points if you bring a volunteer.

According to the forecast, there is a 70% chance of rain on Wednesday, so watch this blog for any cancellations.

Next weeks race will be in the Bragg Creek area and organized by Carlos Bonilla (Niklas Group). 


Richard Cound said...

Is this tonight? Will there be someone who wants to pair up with me?

Peter Heinemeyer said...

Yes, tonight...Wednesday night.

I updated the blog heading for today, June 4.

Looks like the weather will be great tonight!