Friday, June 13, 2014

June 11, 2014 - Results

Here are the results to the Classic Road Race and Hill Climb.  Thank to Carlos for organizing and to our volunteers: Tiffany Morissette(For Jean Garez), Karel Bergmann, Dale Hildebrand

Place Name Category Club
1 Cody Godlonton A Niklas Group
2 Martin Dodd A CycleMiesters
3 Lampros Antonion A Bicisport
4 Jeremy Kitson A CycleMiesters
5 Cody Gordon A CycleMiesters
FLAT Mike Waldhuber A Peloton Racing


Place Name Category Club
1 Spencer Pootz B Speed Theory
2 Stephen Kenny B Speed Theory
3 Ilija Stankovski B Bicisport
4 Carl Miller B Speed Theory
5 Tom Kenny B Speed Theory
6 Briane Kozak B CrankMasters
7 Meghan Brown B-Women Bicisport
8 Sherri Buchignani B-Women Crave
9 Ryan Barr B Niklas Group
10 Norm Smith B CycleMiesters
11 Brent Thumlent B Speed Theory
12 Rob Cooke B Speed Theory
13 Dan Sigouin B Speed Theory
14 Ernie Cosman B Speed Theory
15 Jean Garez* B Speed Theory
16 Daryl Beatty B Speed Theory
17 Ron Fiell B CrankMasters
18 Steve Waters B Speed Theory
19 Andres Perdomo B Speed Theory
20 Clarance Poon B Speed Theory
21 Mike Urquhart B Draughters
FLAT Dan Alboiu B Speed Theory

Place Name Category Club
1 Andrew Platten C CycleMiesters
2 Paul Connolly C Speed Theory
3 Ken Erdman C Speed Theory
4 Ania Bergmann C-Women Bicisport
5 Willy Vansevenant C Natural High
6 Sarah Foster C-Women Speed Theory
7 Dawn Heinemeyer C-Women CrankMasters
8 Keith Inhstrup C Speed Theory
9 Jenn Turcott C-Women Speed Theory
10 David Baker C Speed Theory
11 Daniel Gregoire C CrankMasters
 Next WNS is a Springbank Sprint

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