Friday, June 13, 2014

June 18, 2014 - **CANCELLED** Springbank Elimination Sprints

Due to the threatening rain and lightning, todays event is ***CANCELLED***.

I remembered that this is a popular event, the Springbank Elimination Sprints.  Different, but fun.

The sprints are about a half a kilometer in length. You'll be paired up in your category, start off slow, start fast, whatever it takes.  Just be the first in your pair to finish.  The winner moves on, and the loser....goes to the losers bracket, where you get another chance at the podium.  Yes, double eliminations!

The location is at a new development on the south side of Lower Springbank Road between Range Road 32 and 31.  Sprints start at 6:45PM.  Park at the usual spot at the arena and warm up to the start.

We'll need volunteers, of course!.  One at the finish, and two holders.  So click here if you or a friend are available to help out.


Lampros Antoniou said...

You might want to bring a broom. Last time i road that strip there was rocks on the road in front of a newly built house. Other then that the strip is still perfect.

Gary said...

I'll have a broom with me, assuming the monsoon doesn't wash the roads clean.


Clarence Poon said...

well , if it gets cancelled due to rain - whos in for beers?


Dan said...

We have to get you old guys on twitter, it's a great way to keep people up to date as an event approaches to indicate go or no go.

Clarence Poon said...

......who you callin' old?
oh yeah , ok ok. :(

Dan said...

I resemble that remark myself Clarence :)

This looked like a fun race, lets try again next week?

Clarence Poon said...

i second that ! please reschedule this race for next week !!


Anonymous said...

Crap...another day on he trainer. I hate this.

Tom Kenny said...

Clarence, shouldn't you be on the trainer? Look at Dan, he-da-man!
Dan, train hard, I need you to haul my sorry ass around in Devon.