Friday, June 6, 2014

Week 4 Series 1 - Classic Road Race and hill climb June 11, 2014

Volunteers needed!

Next week's race will be hosted by Carlos Bonilla from Niklas group.  It's a personal favorite of his at Bragg Creek, a perfect scenery and some challenging hills for everyone. 

Race Start:

Race starts at 6:30pm sharp at the corner of Highway 66 and 758. As always, we will need a few volunteers.

Race Format:

The Women's and Men's C's will start out and ride to Elbow Falls and head back for approximately 34km

The B's will go a little longer to more hills to the 23km mark before turning back for approximately 46km.

The A's will go and attack one more big hill to the 26km mark before heading back for an approximate distance of 52km

Unlike ABA rules, if a group catches you, you're permitted to ride together.

Important Things to Note:

We will be riding through a few "Texas Gates" so please ride carefully and neutralize during these portions.


Best place to park is in the Bragg Creek main parking area. You can ride down and warm up to the start area.

Did I mention we need volunteers?  Volunteer by clicking here.  We need many volunteers for this ride as there are various turn-around points.